Open Section 8 lists (according to this privately run site)

I was on the Vermont Section 8 waiting list for years. I have been on the Sequim, WA handicap apartment waiting list for a year. It’s not easy to get into housing that somebody living on $733/month can afford. As of November, there are 4,632,000 disabled people under 65 years old on just SSI. As of July, there were 321,442,019 people in the US. That’s 1.4% of us that are that poor and on disability. That’s a much smaller percent than I expected….considering all the mean rhetoric heard in the media….mostly spouted by Republicans 😦

There are places in the country where waiting lists are shorter….and the reason is because few people want to live there. I got Section 8 in Missouri, but never could find an apartment to use it on. Today I remembered that I got Section 8 or something like it in Florida. It was only good at certain apartment complexes. I went and looked at them and was horrified at how awful the housing was. Even when a place is found, having enough money for rent and a deposit is tough.

There are all sorts of subsets of people who live on the same income as me. Some live with their family or friends, some live with roommates in market rent housing, some live in vans or RV’s, some are homeless. Many do shady things to supplement their income. I see plenty of that here.

A frequently heard question in my head is “Now what????”. This morning I am wicked, wicked dizzy. Focusing my eyes is difficult and the dizziness makes me very queasy :-/ I thought if I ate a small breakfast, I might stop feeling so woozy. I had one tamale. Now I feel even worse.

I went back to bed and slept 5 more hours. Still woozy. I figured if I went out in the cold air, I would perk up. I should have thought that through more than I did :-p I put on my purple long underwear, wore my Deseret Industries $10 thick winter coat, Uggs, gloves and sunglasses with a skirt and shirt. I went to Trader Joe’s. I forgot to take into consideration that it was a bad air day. Once I was outside, the air was thick with smog 😦

Just as I was in the check-out line, TRAX went by. The sun was going down and the wind was blowing. There’s no way I was willing to wait on the TRAX platform for the next train. I wheeled it home. Back when I lived in the Vermont underground house and rode the 4WD ATV back and forth from house to road, if snowflakes or cold hit my forehead where the “third eye” is or on the throat near the thyroid, sometimes the pain was extreme. How could I have forgotten that? Oh, my gosh! The temperature was around 10 degrees and the windchill must have made it a heck of a lot colder today. My neck in that spot still hurts hours later 😦

I came home, cranked the heat and started up the oven. I decided to splurge for New Year’s Eve. I bought myself a TJ’s 5 Cheese Greek Spiral and baked it. I had it with olive tapenade. I figure I just scarfed down about 2000 calories. Trying to catch up with all the people who ate a lot for Thanksgiving and Christmas 🙂

I did not have a whole lot of time today to think about or plan my future. And I didn’t do any sorting. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next year I will feel better 🙂

Thank goodness this is the end of 2015!!!!!! Let’s hope 2016 is the best yet 🙂