I was in bed before 8 PM Friday night. My next dose of Mestinon was due at midnight. I was very tired! Olive woke me up a few minutes before midnight. She kept meowing and smacking at the CPAP hose. I would instantly fall back asleep each time. Olive would not give up. Finally I became conscious. I was confused. I had the CPAP mask on my forehead, instead of over my nose. I could tell by my sore throat, that I had been snoring. I got up for meds.

Lately, I have been needing Mestinon sooner than every 6 hours. I have been darned weak and SOB. This bad air and arthritis all over is wearing me out even more than usual. I must not have been able to breathe, even with extra oxygen. I am glad Olive knows to wake me up!

6 hours after meds, Olive woke me up AGAIN. She wakes me up when this one guy parks near our apartment. He doesn’t live here…his mother does. This is the guy that repeatedly goes to jail, then bounces back here. Last time when he was free, he was driving a total beater car that lost parts each time it moved. This time, he gets out of jail and suddenly has a new-ish Jeep, with paper plates. He often shows up in the middle of the night, takes stuff out of the Jeep, and goes to his mom’s apartment. The last time I went up to the vending machines at 4 AM, he scared the beejeepers outta me when he came in the front door and ran up the stairs. This morning I watched him gather all sorts of random objects out of the back of the Jeep and he stuffed them in a duffle and big plastic bag. All along I have suspected him of burglaries, now I am sure of it.

Have I mentioned the other young guy here who keeps showing up with “new” bikes every few days? The management has GOT to notice these people. There are cameras all over. It’s always a concern that the crooks are giving kick-backs to people, so who do you talk to? Nobody. I hate living in subsidized housing 😦

Friday morning it was below zero in SLC. Coldest temp in 3 years. Brrrrr…..no wonder I was so frozen coming home Thursday evening.

Well….guess what I did today? I took the laundry a block away. Washed and dried, came home and put everything away! I think I deserve at least a dozen gold stars. Getting ready to go was the worst. I was tremoring like crazy. I struggled to fill the machines and to take the laundry out of them. By the time I came home, I was soaked in sweat. Bit by bit over several hours, I hung up the clothes, sorted undies, folded towels, etc. until all was put away. I did 5 double load washers full of laundry. 2 with skirts, shirts and nightgowns, one with undergarments and bar mop towels, one of bathroom towels and washcloths and another machine with my comforter and the Mexican blanket. Then 5 dryers. The whole thing came to $17.50. The machines went up in price since October, but it’s still cheaper than paying someone to help me! It was 78 days since the last time I was there. So glad that’s over for now 🙂

Since the closet was as barren as it was going to get, first I took the 4 containers of art supplies out before putting clothes in. I then sorted every last pipe cleaner, bead, googly eye, crayon and sticker into piles. Then I put each sort of supply into an appropriate sized ziplock bag. 4 containers full now fit easily into one 🙂 Olive “helped” the whole time. A few beads were snitched and batted around….never to be seen again :-p

My body is good and seized up. That was a heck of a lot for me to do in one day.