My news is that my neighbors came and took the cart of give-aways from my apartment. Now it echos in here. I feel freer and freer each time things leave 🙂 Makes me want to thin out the place even more! But…..I am actually using most of what is left. I need to chill out until I know where I am going and how I am going to get there.

In local news, the TRAX train I take to Rancho Market and back, got hit by a speeding car. Remember I have talked about the tall bridge that goes over the FrontRunner and other train tracks? I like watching the sunset from the apex of the bridge. Well, the car hit TRAX with so much force that it jumped up on the cement side of the bridge 😮


The same old news is the stupid temperature inversion and the smog 😦 Watch it go from 9 to 10 to noon, then 3, 4 and 5 PM. Want to come breathe some “fresh” air?

This morning I posted this article on FB.  Trump Supporters and Liberals: Why aren’t we on the same side? It’s a good article….and I don’t understand why folks who want the same things would be for such wildly different politicians. Another one of those mysteries of the universe.

I spent at least 7 HOURS dressed in a shirt and skirt. It was torture :-p My pharmacy called about delivering meds, so I got presentable….and waited, and waited, and waited. I went out to pay the rent while waiting. Then the heater/AC repair man showed up. I was glad I accidentally had clothes on for that unexpected visit. He messed around and said some sort of switch had gone bad, and that’s why the heater won’t work this time. He left to order a new switch and said he would be back on Tuesday.

I was very bored and went out to get my mail. Then the pharmacy called again and the guy said he had put my Lantus in the fridge and forgot to add it to the bag that was out for delivery. He said I will get it Tuesday. Seeing a pattern here? I have to wear clothes again tomorrow 😦 Finally, the delivery guy brought my meds just before 5 PM. Usually they show up around 1. I was up and changing into my nightgown as soon as he closed the door 🙂

I was reading one of those end of the year posts that so many bloggers put up. This particular one was from a couple in a big RV. It’s posts like that…..well, they are depressing. They spent more a month on food than I have in total income. All of their other categories were astronomical. I am sure if they passed me and my chair on the sidewalk, they would feel superior. Funny how some people have that talent 😦 Again, it made me think about how I ended up like this. I just kept getting sicker and sicker my whole life. As the economy tanked for many, that meant more people needing services. Instead of spending more money to boost us all, the Republicans put all of us folks on the bottom in competition with each other. I will support Bernie over Trump any day! It’s not that our country cannot afford to take care of disabled people….it’s that corporations and their politicians want the money for themselves. Why? I do not understand. They already have enough. Enough to eat. Enough health care. Enough transportation. Enough shelter…..but for some reason, it’s never enough for them 😦