I spent much of the night feeling a mixture of scared, horrified and worried. I kept wondering who the cops were here for and why. Did someone hurt other people? Why so many cops??? I still don’t know.

Often the police will sit in their cars on the roof of the parking garage next door and just stare at this building. Somebody is up there this morning. I cannot tell who. For over an hour, there was faint smoke, then engulfing smoke. When the smoke encircled the mystery car, I picked up the phone to dial 911….and the smoke promptly stopped. Yes, I feel especially nervous today! On a normal day, no one parks up on the roof.

The bedbug people just drove in. It’s a different vehicle than usual. It says they do clean-up. Is that because something messy happened that the cops needed to come here for? I really need to find someone to tell me what’s going on.

Well….I got dressed and sat in the grand foyer until I could get the story. It’s complicated. The red 911 truck was here yesterday to check on a woman. They told her she was OK and left. In the evening, the manager was here because he and other people took down the Christmas decorations. While they were doing that, the same woman that the paramedics had checked out earlier….fell and dropped dead 😦 I don’t think she was much different in age than me.

Only the cops know why they needed so many of them here. They treat “unexpected” deaths as a crime scene. Sounds like the paramedics screwed up. That woman had a stroke last year and went blind. She lived with her son and he took care of her and pushed her wheelchair. I feel really, really bad for him 😦 He is not old enough to live here….so he just lost his mom and his home.

While sitting out in the foyer, I met a guy who is moving into the apartment next door to my old one. He is really, really obnoxious 😦 He has a deep, booming voice that takes up all the air in the building. The first words I ever heard him say were a string of conspiracy theories. Can’t wait to meet his wife :-/ He calls her “the Viking”. I kept moving away to different nooks to talk to different people….and he kept following me. Sigh….

I put a sign on my door that said NAPPING and turned off my cellphone. I slept 4 hours 🙂 I was still woken up, because Gordon was in the utility room next door, squishing aluminum cans. Good thing I was glad he’s still alive….or I would go wring his neck :-p

The maintenance man who fixed my sink made me feel guilty for leaving the bathroom exhaust fan on. He tried telling me that it blew in, instead of sucking out air. I know better…..that’s why it’s called an exhaust fan. Duh! So….the last few days I have been turning that fan off more often. Funny how my apartment fills full of cigarette smoke when I turn it off! I was sitting here sneezing from the smoke. Grrrrrr…..it’s staying ON. If he turns it off again, he’s going to get an earful!

And darn it! Another salt lamp bit the dust this afternoon. Time to try cutting out the dimmer switches and splicing the cords back together. They sure make a difference when it comes to getting rid of cigarette smoke.

Oh…..look. The forecast is for only moderately crappy air. How nice. Cache county has all orange days. Weather folks said the air would get better if we had a storm. It rained most of today. The last couple of days helped melt much of the snow and ice in the parking lot. Where’s the decent air?

More snow is coming to replace what melted. Looks like another messy forecast.