I just realized it’s a whole week until my next SNAP day. I need/want more food. Months are way too long for both SNAP and money. I vote we split all months in half and give new names to the extra months. Then, maybe the money will last for a month. Being this poor is sooooooo getting on my nerves!

There has got to be some way to live on $91/month for food…..right? I need the usual dozen eggs, some zucchinis, onions, avocados, maybe some cottage cheese, evaporated milk, etc. If I could buy anything my heart desired, I would get fresh or frozen berries, some bananas, mangoes, one of those very thin Mexican steaks. Mmmmmmm……better stop now before I make myself crazy.

Too much snow to go anywhere via wheelchair, anyway. Looks like no more snow in the forecast until next Thursday 🙂 Yes!

The pharmacy had called yesterday to say they refilled my ibuprofen. I was going stir crazy from waiting for them to deliver today, so took out garbage and recycling and waited out in the foyer. I lucked out…he showed up soon after, with my meds. And that’s when it started snowing again. Pffffftttt. But….as I was leaving my apartment, I popped out at the same moment that the manager was escorting out the crazy woman’s daughter. There was a notice on the door that said No Trespassing by order of the sheriff. On my way to the garbage, there was the crazy woman out in the snow and slush. She was holding onto a cart, with some of her stuff in black garbage bags…and her dog sitting on top. The mother was swearing at her daughter and the daughter was giving it back. I hope that’s the last of these people!

Next came the other whacko woman with the untrained spaniel. She screams and screams at the creature 😦 The dog came in soaking wet, muddy and covered in sidewalk salt….then jumped on one person after another. She and her boyfriend were kicked out at least 3 months ago….and they are still here! I heard the manager use his authoritative voice more than once today 🙂 About time. All this upheaval affects every single person here….and not at all in a good way.

Olive is like a whole new cat! 🙂 She is extra frisky and happy and cuddly. I am grateful beyond words that she was able to barf up that plastic. The alternative would have been an expensive operation or death 😮

All of the counties in Utah are reporting good air tonight. What a relief! I wish my lungs felt better to go along with the good air. I think the stress of Olive being miserable set me back. I feel like crap today. What scares me the most is pitting edema. When I took the pic of Olive sleeping between my feet, I noticed how swollen my ankles were. So…..I poked a finger into the top of my foot. That’s worse edema than at the height of my congestive heart failure around 2004/05. No wonder I cannot sleep at night 😦 I did not realize how much edema I have going on 😮

Pitting edema as seen from the side of my foot

Ugh….not feeling well at all. You know the list….it all hurts! I always discover these things for nights and weekends. Sigh….