I corralled my 2 favorite old guys and a few passers-by and asked all sorts of questions about the senior center and Meals On Wheels. The paper thin guy said I should be automatically eligible for MoW…just for being in a wheelchair, let alone all my other issues. He gets meals 5 days a week, but some people here get extras for the weekend. He also said that poor folks don’t have to pay.

The woman who used to do my laundry said she won’t eat at the senior center any more because the food is so bad. I remember Gordon telling me the same thing months ago. I wonder if many people go there any more? The guy in the wheelchair who broke his neck used to go…and teach wii classes. I have only been in the building twice. Once to see if I was eligible….when the woman was a total bitch to me, and once to vote. The second time, the receptionist said the bitch had been fired. Ummm, good 🙂

I subscribe to the Tasty feed on FB. I saw this and realized I had the ingredients, so that’s what I made for my birthday. I have been feeling embarassed ever since I realized I rarely eat balanced meals. This one was yummy 🙂 To make my lunch, I used a whole head of garlic. And I peeled it the way I saw online. I sincerely wish I had known how to do this about 60 years ago! Put a whole head of garlic in a mayo or other jar. Screw on the lid. Shake. Take out the large hunks of stem and skin and shake some more. Voila! Totally peeled individual cloves. Sooooooo cool! (Just don’t do the olive oil thing at the end)


It was such a big meal that I only needed one for the whole day 🙂

I wish my aches, pains and weakness had taken a long walk on a short pier for my birthday! No such luck. I cannot figure out why I feel so yucky. Grrrrrrr….. I thought I would feel better today. Nope. Worse.


The good news is Olive. She feels so good that she is a pest. She has begged for extra canned cat food and cat treats all day long. She seems to have to need to always be looking at me or touching me. Olive is a happy, meowy kitty. I guess a near death experience will do that to any of us.

I want to thank everybody who wrote emails or left comments to wish me a happy birthday….and to tell me things I am eligible for at 60 years old. I appreciate that 🙂