I took Paratransit to the doc’s office. The receptionist said I was his first patient of the day. As usual, I messed up the rest of his day. My appointment was for 20 minutes and I was in the examination room for an hour and a half. Sorry ūüė¶

I came prepared. Instead of talking, I first showed him pictures of all the things wrong with me. He was shaken. Then I stood up, pulled up my shirt, down my skirt and freed the hernia to he could see it up close, personal and HUMONGOUS. Next I showed him the pic of the bleeding hernia rip. Then I went down my written list of concerns. At one point, the guy hung his head and sobbed ūüėģ I seem to have that affect on docs.

Even though there’s not much that can be done for me, it’s nice to know he cares. I got my first ever shingles shot. I am being sent to an ENT. He prescribed more mupiricin ointment. I asked the doc to spread out his fingers and show me his hands. I showed him mine and asked why my thumbs are disappearing under my palm. He said I have severe osteoarthritis. I told him the arthritis sometimes makes me cry. He winced.

Reason for Visit:

Swelling, Lower Extremity


Tongue lesion
Stasis edema
Ulcer of abdomen wall
Osteoarthritis Of Right/left Hand,
Need for shingles vaccine

Myasthenia gravis  08/15/2012

Degenerative arthritis of knee  08/15/2012

Stasis edema  08/15/2012

Abdominal pain  08/15/2012

Scarring of skin  11/02/2012

Diabetic nerve disorder  04/18/2013

Chronic airway obstruction  04/18/2013

Sleep apnea  04/18/2013

Low back pain  04/25/2013

Abnormal walking  04/25/2013

Chronic pain syndrome  04/25/2013

Muscle inflammation  04/25/2013

Arthralgia of multiple sites, bilateral  05/20/2013

Cataract  07/12/2013

Long term use of blood thinners  07/22/2013

Acid reflux disease  07/28/2013

Intrinsic asthma  07/28/2013

Chronic abdominal wound infection, sequela  10/28/2013

Hernia  11/18/2013

Immune deficiency disorder  02/06/2014

Recurrent infections  02/06/2014

Non-productive cough  05/10/2014

Anemia  06/03/2014

Diverticulitis of large intestine  06/08/2014

Abnormal opening between bladder and intestine  06/08/2014

Asthma flare  07/20/2014

Diverticulosis of colon  12/12/2014

Voice disturbance  02/19/2015

Butterfly rash  03/06/2015

Gout  03/10/2015

Iron deficiency anemia due to chronic blood loss  12/09/2015

I complained about stupid things being on my chart. Like right when Rhett got diagnosed as bipolar, the diagnosis was added to my ¬†records. It was bad enough to have fetal malnutrition on my record, I sure didn’t want bipolar! I have enough of my own problems without adding extras. I was pleasantly surprised to discover they took it off my record ūüôā

One weird thing is that the MCTD (mixed connective tissue disease) was changed to chronic pain syndrome and muscle inflammation. When I clicked on muscle inflammation, it went to myopathy. Polymyositis is part of MCTD and all those things give me chronic pain, is that close enough? A few people told me when the codes changed, so did some of my diagnoses. Who knows? Who cares? Nothing matters in Utah.

After more than an hour with the doc, he sent in a new RN caseworker. She was way too nice and empathetic for her own good. She is also fairly new to the whole insurance/doc/hospital conglomeration. She was shocked and disturbed by how I have been treated within the system. She wanted to hear all about the whole Munchausen/panic attack/conversion disorder experience in the ER, my ongoing mental health visits with professionals who deny I have any of those problems, the refusal of insurance to pay for IVIg, the judge’s IVIg decision, etc. She kept asking if I had records from my old neuros and just could not stop being incredulous about the whole denial of my MG diagnosis thing. She asked if I had considered switching insurance companies and finding a new neuro ūüôā¬†At that point I realized it was time to get back on Paratransit, so I hurried out. The RN said she had never been involved in such a difficult case, said she would work on it and wished me well. She looked almost as troubled as me about the whole mess.

My first half a dozen sentences at the doc’s office were “normal”. Soon, my voice got worse and worse and worse. It was great to be out in the cold after the appointment. My voice got stronger. By the time I got home, I was very surprised that my voice worked great ūüôā But OMG!!!¬†The air pollution was awful outside. The mountains were hard to see.

I got home and remembered it was food box day. The paper thin guy was happy that I will be getting Meals on Wheels. Another one of my favorite old guys gave me his 6 Activia bottles ūüôā We got better food than usual lately. I got 4 cans of tuna, 2 small cans of salmon, 3 cans of cranberry juice concentrate, peanut butter, 2 cans fruit cocktail, a box of honey graham crackers, a loaf of oat bread and 6 of my own strawberry Activia bottles. I left for someone else, 2 cans of beef stew, a jug of grape juice and a brick of plastic cheese.

It’s 1:30 PM and I haven’t eaten anything yet today. Time to scrounge around for something good ūüôā