I got back into my nightgown when the Meals on Wheels woman told me they wouldn’t forget my lunch tomorrow. After I wrote the last blog post, around 2:30 PM, there was a knock on my door. A guy mumbled and handed me a meal and milk. I was sure surprised! Better late than never, huh? Must be they have the ability to send someone out with a meal if they are missed. It was HOT….so it must have been recently prepared…..or at least kept piping hot 🙂


When I pulled back the plastic, I admit I was worried. It smelled like dog food :-/ Underneath that rice was a hefty portion of beef….more beef than I have eaten in a long time. I feel pleasantly full 🙂 The menu said beef pot roast, brown gravy, parslied potatoes, diced carrots and citrus fruit cup. Maybe they ran out of potatoes?

I read a few articles about how much money the anti-government Bundy’s and other agitating ranchers get in subsidies from federal programs. Wow! And people like that are pissed off that I get $91/month to eat? Taxpayer handouts

So, now it’s Friday. Just before noon, I put on clothes and went out to get yesterday’s mail. Nothing there. One of my neighbors stopped me and we talked for quite awhile. My voice worked! I listened more than I talked. Then my voice started breaking up. The Meals on Wheels volunteer of the day came in. I stuck my head into the community room and could smell the food. I skedaddled back to my apartment. And waited and waited. It has been an hour now. Did they forget me again?

I am already thinking of all the reasons that MoW is going to suck. How will I schedule doc appointments if I don’t have a clue when lunch is going to show up? It’s tough to eat on someone else’s schedule. Today I am starving!!!! Yesterday I was ambivalent about eating until lunch actually showed up. I am used to eating or not eating according to my hunger and queasiness level.

I started feeling sad. I wondered why I didn’t get food. I went to the community room and read the Meals on Wheels list. Same 4 people as yesterday….no me. When one of the women who gets meals came out to the foyer, I asked her about food delivery. She figured they forgot me. Then I went to ask the manager what he knew. As we were talking, a Meals on Wheels truck drove up. I let the guy in and told him he was looking for me 🙂 He was startled. After checking his list, I got the food. By 1:30 I had been ready to fix a pb&j and forget about Meals on Wheels!


The driver handed me a hot meal for today and a frozen meal for Monday. I checked the monthly menu and realized that Monday is a holiday. Dang! The senior center will be closed. I had signed up to talk to a lawyer there on Monday.


Today the menu says smoked sausage, red beans and rice, whole kernel corn, cornbread and peach cobbler. So far, the meals are bigger that what I would eat for the average lunch….and they absolutely have more meat 🙂 There were 8 kidney beans in the rice. Snicker….

I am back to super weak, SOB and drooped. Sooooooo wiped out tired and weary. The air is better….but I am not.

Ohhhhhh, my gosh. I wasn’t kidding. I added this picture and fell asleep sitting up, with my fingers on the keyboard.