I slept for 2 hours after my last blog post, then was awake most of the night. I felt awful. The buzzing/quivering/zapping/tremoring thing was too strong to sleep through. I did sleep a bit this morning, but never felt rested. I have felt sick and weak all day. Now it’s evening and I only feel worse.

I tried to keep my mind occupied so I could ignore as much misery as possible. Want to know what I did? I read every single thing on my Facebook wall from now to 2008. And I erased most of it. Rather sad that so many people who wrote are now dead. It was also shocking to read about my diagnoses, hospitalizations and bouts of illness that I had totally forgot about. It’s hard to believe how much I have been through. It felt good to erase some of that stuff 🙂 I spent about 16 hours doing that!

Talk about embarrassing!!! Up to half of the people who wrote…..I no longer have a clue who they were. I read about people I called friends in several states, yet I have no memory of them. Geeze….

Memories of faces and people and their names have always been hard for me…..my entire life….since I was in grade school and before. It’s got to be a glitch in my brain, just like not being able to remember right and left. I haven’t done well at that for 60 years. It’s time to realize it’s just not going to happen for me. That’s probably part of the reason I like traveling and meeting new people….I am not expected to know anything.

Another life-long problem is feeling insecure with the people I know and interact with. If they are preoccupied or busy or having a bad day or whatever…the first thing I think is that they don’t like me. So, I avoid people because I don’t know who they are and because I think they want me to steer clear. No wonder it’s easier to be a hermit! Let’s just say I don’t understand anybody….including me.

After writing that, I got curious and started Googling. I read this blog post and it was like talking about me! Movies and TV series confuse the heck out of me if any couple of men or women look alike. Sometimes I cannot tell apart whole bunches of people. Makes the plot really hard to figure out. Whew! Another thing that’s not just me.

I took the face recognition test. My results…

Out of 30 faces, you correctly identified 12.
You were familiar with 29 of the people in this test.

If we exclude the ones you were unfamiliar with, you got 41% correct.

On our previous version of this test, the average person with normal face recognition was able to recognize about 85% of the faces they were familiar with. If you missed more than half of the faces you were familiar with, this may indicate face recognition difficulties.

For more information about face blindness and other face recognition difficulties, please go to www.faceblind.org.

I always wondered how people knew who famous people were! Like how do people know enough to run up to someone and ask for an autograph? And people who can see a newspaper article or amber alert…and recognize the person! Huh. I had no idea it was easy for most people.

All day I have waivered between fever and chills. Just that is exhausting. My guts have been unhappy, my head hurts and I have wicked bad itchiness. What’s depressing is that I have been saying the exact same things for years on end. It’s as if I have had the flu off and on, most of my life.