SNAP day was Friday. We have had rain and snow since then. This morning was sunny and 30’s. The volunteer brought me Meals on Wheels at exactly 1 PM. Unfortunately, eating, almost without fail, makes my guts hurt. Now it’s 2 PM, overcast and 40 degrees. Rain is forecast for 6:30. I feel very, very queasy. Wednesday we get snow. Thursday I have an appointment here in my apartment. Friday is looking decent in the forecast 🙂 As usual, finding the perfect time to shop is a bit of a PITA.


Another amusing/perplexing meal. This is the first time I got the usual volunteer and the usual time for meal delivery for people in my building. I took off the plastic and realized the food was neither hot or cold. It wasn’t even lukewarm…it was room temperature. Gulp. As a long time professional cook/chef, that’s a very bad thing. Incorrect temperature makes the food an incubator for bacteria. Sigh….

So, I nuked the food for 1:11 and sat down. It still wasn’t hot. I was too tired to get up and nuke it again….so I ate it as-is. I had to whip out the menu to see what I was eating. The meat was a processed combo called bbq beef and pork patty. The lumpy mashed potatoes were called “Lyonnaise”, the vegetables were broccoli Normandy and the cup was cinnamon pear crisp. Whatever was sprinkled on the pears was vile…some sort of boxed/bagged crumble with artificial cinnamon flavor. Plain pears would have been much better!

The lunch was not something I would eat on purpose….and I sure would not go to the store and buy processed meat. I am still grateful to get (free or low cost) food that I don’t have to cook….but I am not impressed by the quality. Being low income means life is a constant trade-off. Eat well or eat cheap. Shut up and be grateful. Sigh…..

Truthfully, I would rather have what they ask for a “donation” for each meal added to my SNAP. I could make a sandwich and salad lunch that was pretty tasty. January has 19 regular meals days and 2 frozen meal days for Meals on Wheels. 21 meals at $2.50 each is $52.50. Some of the pages I have read claim it’s more than $7 for the true cost of each meal for food, cooks, delivery and every other step along the way….like administrators and paper shufflers. Here’s a quote from Onondaga County, NY….where I grew up.

Clients are asked to make a voluntary contribution to help defray the cost of meals. The suggested voluntary contributions is $4.00 per day for the two meals or $20.00 per week. The actual cost of food preparation and delivery is approximately $7.50 a day. Any contribution is gratefully accepted; no client is turned away due to an inability or unwillingness to contribute.

As I learned a long time ago, what the government earmarks for a program and the actual cash value a poor person gets are very, very different. Much goes to social workers and computers and meetings, etc, etc. I used to be on the board of Legal Aid, a Community Action Agency and a Head Start.

All that reminds me. Do you remember Pierre Samuel “Pete” du Pont IV? He was a Republican running for president in 1988. I actually sat down with him and talked about his ideas for how to fund poor people like me. He came to Goddard College when I was a student there. He was pretty clueless and stuck up :-/ It was actually fun talking to him about his preconcieved ideas. He wanted to give poor folks a lump sum…and when it was gone, no more for life. I told him it would only take a few years of hospital bills to wipe out my chunk of cash. He said I could buy insurance with my money. I told him no one would insure me because of pre-existing conditions. He seemed deflated.

This has been about a week of pouring cold water all over me while sitting in front of the fan….and that’s without heat on. I even had the window open for a couple of hours while the fan was blowing on me. What’s up with these fevers? I had several scares today. I am again bleeding from my female parts that are no longer there….and it hurts pretty bad. Blood clots today 😦 Wicked painful hand arthritis, too. Oh, the heck with me, back to entertainment…..


Losing your head in an emergency is a no brainer.


The optometrist ran for mayor because he was a visionary.


My mate swallowed a cordless vacuum cleaner, they took him to hospital and he is picking up nicely.


The feather dancer was rushed to the hospital. Her boa constricted her.


Did you hear about the man who was jabbed in the back with a set of keys? His back locked up.


The boy who got electrocuted was unable to give a statement because he was still shocked at the incident.


Had a blood test the other day, it took a lot out of me.


CPR is a near-breath experience.



And on that note, the van woman’s boyfiend/sort of husband died. He’s the one I watched being put in the ambulance. If ever it was a blessing to die….it would be him. He had lost a lot of weight and was ravaged with cancer, among other problems. RIP, Bob.