I found an article from 2014 that says….For Salt Lake County, 45 percent of the $7.84 per meal is funded by the county. The federal government provides 25 percent, the state funds 23 percent and donations and fees make up the rest. A $2.50 contriubtion is suggested for each meal recipient but is not required. Volunteers pick up the meals and deliver them to eight to 10 seniors in their community. They also help keep the seniors happy and healthy by checking up on their health and spending some time with them.

Ha ha ha ha! So far I have met 3 people who delivered my food. I met the Thursday person last week because she is the one who called the Meals on Wheels offices when she had no meal for me. She was very sweet. The 3 people who have delivered my meals so far acted like I was radioactive and they were in a hurry to flee. It is my understanding that the folks who deliver meals here are county, city or state workers on their lunch hour. They probably want to go eat! Meals are supposed to be delivered between 10:30 and 1:30.

So, after the gross and disgusting lunch on Wednesday, I felt an even greater need to go shopping. I shopped at Smith’s and Trader Joe’s. It did not seem like I bought all that much, but I spent $44.99 at Smith’s and $44.25 at Trader Joe’s, leaving me with $1.76 SNAP to spend from now until February 15th. When I got home and saw my balance, I let out a huge sigh of relief. I did not keep track of the cost of what I was buying, and only had about $10 cash on me. Good thing I did not go over!

I bought 3 pounds of meat for the month….2 pounds of breakfast sausage for $5 and a pound with 4 chicken burgers for $3.49. The biggest expense was Swiss, Baby Swiss, Jack and Provolone cheeses at $2.50 each and shredded Swiss-Gruyere cheeses for $4.99. Mushrooms $1.29, 5 organic onions $2.49, 4 avocados $2.99, hashbrowns $1.99. 6 frozen tamales at $7.47. 10 cans evaporated milk $1 each, 1 can cream of mushroom soup $1, 2 boxes cornbread mix for 50 cents each, sour cream $1, cottage cheese $1, coconut oil $3.49, eggs $3.49, 5 cheese Greek spiral $3.99. The rest was 2 boxes cream $1.29 each, 2 cans media crema $1.49 each, 1 pint fresh cream for $1 and a pint of half and half for 75 cents, crackers $1.49, tomatillo salsa $1.99, green chile salsa $2.79 and a half gallon of ice cream $5.99.

I plan to make both corn chowder and clam chowder with cans of corn, potatoes, clams, cream of mushroom plus cream. I still have some frozen veggies and canned fruits. I get bread off the free table, I have plenty of peanut butter and rice. I wish I had some zucchinis…but they were something like $2.79/lb 😮 I need to make a cash run for cheap fresh fruits and veggies at Rancho Market. They have my favorite Mexican squash for 79 cents a pound this week…also 5 small avocados for $1, oranges 5 lbs/$1, mangoes 2/$1, tomatoes .99/lb and bananas 2lbs/$1. I haven’t been there since September!

You know what? It’s tiring to have so much of my life revolving around making food lists, buying food, preparing food and stressing out about food. People with “enough” money just go buy groceries. People who are not disabled or poor can go buy a prepared meal or eat at a restaurant when they are tired but hungry. Well….we sort of could, as long as we give up groceries for a week or a few doc and medicine co-pays :-/


Earliest lunch so far. There was a knock on my door at 12:20. It was the sweet woman I met last week. The meal was warm enough to tell it had been heated at some point in its life. I nuked it for 2:22. The entrée looked and smelled like dog kibble. I had to grab the menu to figure out what it was. Chicken chop suey, steamed brown rice, steamed spinach, marinated spring garden salad and mandarin oranges.


Doesn’t the close-up look appetizing? There really was only one bit of celery in it! The other green spot is a rogue piece of spinach. I think it was real chicken…just canned. I think the bad smell was probably the franken-gravy :-p The salad was made with very tough shreds of carrot and cabbage, with a couple of microscopc bits of cucumber and some rotting iceberg lettuce pieces. The first smell/taste impression is of chlorine, then the next sensation was the slimy rottenness of the iceberg and the very hard to chew desicated woodiness of cabbage and carrot. Yum! I was grateful to the hot mandarin orange pieces and the milk to wash away the taste.

I thought people bitching about the senior center lunches and Meals on Wheels were being too picky. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. They were just trying to preserve their life and sanity. Eeeewwww….I can still taste the “salad”. I am grateful for the daily milk 🙂 Ooooohhhh….on my way out the door, one of my favorite old guys took the paper thin guy’s MoW lunch to the office, because thin man had to go to the hospital. Everyone was joking about how awful it looked and smelled. They said it looked like cat food. I told them I just ate that meal and it looked and smelled like dog kibble. We all agree it’s yuck!

I got a call saying my shrink is sick and won’t be visiting me today, so I went to Rancho Market…since I was already dressed and presentable. I love, love, love going to that store 🙂 I filled 2 big Mexican woven bags with food for $23.98. A bag of corn husks for $3.99, tamale mix $2.79, 5 avocados/$1, 6 Mexican squash $1.41, butternut squash .43, cilantro .34, radishes .50, 2 yams .74, parsley .34, 2 pkgs Mexican hot chocolate tabs $2.99 each, 4 mangos $2, bunch of bananas $1.18, 6 Roma tomatoes $1.61, lemon .31, orange .10, white onion .28 and a lime for .28.

After I got home and put away the groceries, I ate the orange. Now I wish I had bought a whole bag full. It was a really good orange 🙂 One of these days I plan to make a pot of chicken chile tamales to put in the freezer. Now I just need enough strength and energy to do it. Cash groceries are thanks to a lower internet bill. It had better be as low as they promised for next month!


TJ’s chicken-chile-cheese tamale with tomato, avocado and sour cream. Good supper 🙂 Very little work.

I had not yet recovered from shopping yesterday….then I shopped again. My body is in revolt. Everything hurts. I saw some guy on TRAX looking at me each time I had a myoclonic jerk or made a “I’m in pain” face. I think of myself as invisible and am surprised when someone notices me. I hate being a spectacle! The air is getting bad again, a storm is coming this weekend and well, I am me. On TRAX home, my pinky finger had such awful arthritis pain and crunchy joints that it made me think about cutting my finger off. I hate that kind of pain 😦 While fixing dinner, I had the sort of pinched nerve pain that had me dropping stuff all over the floor. Luckily nothing broke. Stupid bad air, stupid asthma! Olive keeps looking like she is mad at me. She doesn’t like it when I wheeze.


Olive is tuning me out. She says nighty night…..