I am glad to have a 2 day respite from Meals on Wheels. It stinks up the whole apartment. For the last couple of days, I simmered orange peels and cinnamon on low to help the place smell better….but I can still smell the frankenfoods! And yay to having a supply of good food on hand! I can eat some yummy things while holed up in here.

This has been another couple of days with a temperature inversion of bad air. It was yucky last night and got worse today. Good thing a storm is coming. It hurts to breathe today.

I have been floppy weak. My limbs don’t do what I tell them to do and each time I get out of my chair, it’s quite the fight against gravity. For days now I have been having heavy night sweats that leave a vinegar vapor cloud in the air. Two nights ago the sweats were so extreme that I got killer leg and hip cramps. Hate those! When I got out of bed this morning, I had forgotten all that. I struggled to sit up and then when I tried to stand, I bent back and forth like a sapling in the wind. Not easy to do with a very un-sapling-like body 😮 I pulled muscles in my belly and could feel internal ripping 😦 If there was time lapse photography of how fast my hernia is enlarging, I would not be the only one feeling faint. It’s frightening!


I finally found a way for you to see the horror of my hernia. I used the laptop to take the picture. I am flat in bed. My hand and the cat’s butt give the hernia a sense of scale. I bet folks had no idea the hernia has gotten so big. This is why my internist sobbed.

So….now my belly area is in tons of pain. While putting away things from the dishwasher, the slightest touch of the hernia to countertops, sent shockwaves throughout my body. I also notice that I can hear my intestines gurgling even louder than ever. There’s not much between my intestines and my outside skin. Not good. The hernia is also pushing on my lungs and diaphragm, making breathing painful and difficult. The slightest thing makes me wicked short of breath.


When the camera is near my face, there is no way to tell how steep the belly cliff is. Very different perspectives, huh?

I am in enough pain from this to consider going to the ER. I would go to a hospital I have never been to before to get a second opinion. This morning’s belly mishap has made the cystocele (bladder coming through vagina) excrutiatingly painful. There are several spots around my abdomen that hurt way worse than normal. My usual hospital is just waiting for me to pop open and die. Maybe there is really nothing that can be done? I would prefer another opinion.