That’s what was missing! We have not had sunny, blue skies all that often. It’s gorgeous out there this morning 🙂 I like seeing the snow covered mountains from my chair. On a day like this, they are glowing immaculate white. Well….the sky was nice 🙂

I made a good breakfast. 2 eggs .58, onion .33, avocado .75, Mexican squash .23,  tomato .26, yam .37, Swiss-Gruyere cheese $1, Hatch chile salsa mixed with sour cream .40, red palm oil .15 for a total of $4.07. Why does good food, that’s good for you have to cost so much? I feel better when I don’t have to use up the filler carbs, like bread, to stretch my month’s food.

At 12:10 I yelled for the volunteer to come in….twice. Then I lumbered to the door. I told her to just knock and come in. She said that’s not what the instructions said. Then she looked at the instructions and apologized. I hope I can remember that Tuesday is Claudia. We chatted a few minutes. She said she has never tasted a meal. Smart woman 🙂


This is baked chicken with orange glaze, brown rice and lentils, capri blend vegetables, steamed spinach and chocolate fluff, according to the menu. I put it in the fridge since I was still full from breakfast. Do I want to eat it? Not really.

I had the chocolate fluff with the milk as a snack in the afternoon. My guess is that it was chocolate pudding folded into Cool Whip.


Around 4:30, I finally got hungry enough to go for the lunch. I put Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning on all the food in the tray. It’s the first time I have used this seasoning. Ingredients are….sea salt, mustard seeds, black peppercorns, coriander, onion, garlic, paprika and chili pepper. I think that’s my new secret weapon. It made it all taste better….just not great. Nuked it for 2:22. It’s fake chicken again…sort of the consistency of McNuggets. I took a pic of the air pockets from blending chicken and fillers.


I had a cut up mango for dessert.

The blue sky didn’t last long. As the day went on, the air quality decreased, while cloud cover increased. At 5:30, the mountains I see from my chair are capped in glowing pink, with snow below. Pretty!

I went out to take out garbage and recycling. I wanted to get the mail from yesterday, then forgot. Instead, I talked to several of my favorite people. We got yaking about Meals on Wheels and lunches at the senior center. Paper thin man said he never even applied for MoW. He was hospitalized at the VA, and when he came home, he started getting meals. He said he has been getting them about a year…..and they have not been any better than this since he has been receiving MoW. We all cracked up when he admitted there are some meals he just won’t eat. Then we each compared various meals we have seen or tasted. A good time was had by all.

That’s when the manager popped out of his office, gestured towards his eye and said tape. My eye had stayed fairly up until a couple of minutes before he said that. I had probably talked 5 minutes out there before all of the sudden, I realized I was talking perfectly 🙂 When my voice works and I can breathe while talking, I don’t even think about my voice. I wish it was like that all the time!!!

Kind of ironic. Asian people use eye tape so they can have folded, droopy eyelids. People with myasthenia gravis use eye tape to keep the droopy lid up and out of the way. I am feeling good and droopy tonight. Sore, too. Less fever, more chills tonight.