My first appointment of the day was with the doc a block away. The first 15 minutes was spent with a medical student. I freaked him out. I showed him pics of my hernia. Then he had me drag the whole hernia out into the light of day to he could feel and poke at it. I sort of went diagonal and stretched myself out in my wheelchair so he could feel the new “basketball” that moves around. I could hear him murmuring with my regular doc and then they both came in. Both say there is nothing that can be done about the stupid hernia. It’s too big.

My secondary question was about the itchies on my jawline and the sores on my scalp. I had asked the internist about it, but I don’t think he said much back. The old guy GP was way too happy to have another medical problem to discuss. The 2 docs looked over my face and head. I also have itchies on my legs, ankles and feet that I scrape off every few days and sores all over my left side. Can you guess what I have? My aunt had it…and died young thanks to multiple myeloma. My new diagnosis is psoriasis. Dang! I have been thinking that for almost two years now. It’s just that lately it has been speeding up and multiplying. Sigh…. I got prescribed 2 bottles of hydrocortisone lotion and a big bottle of Tarsum shampoo. I suspect that I might have psoriatic arthritis. Only half of the people with it have a positive HLA-B27. Perhaps the real answer is psoriatic arthritis and not ankylosing spondylitis?

I hardly had time to get home, rest and breathe, then the phone rang and it was the Meals on Wheels caseworker just outside. She was nice, but allergic to Olive. Turns out she is the same caseworker that goes to the senior center. I am now signed up for weekend meals, rides to docs when paratransit won’t take me and Olive is signed up for cat food. I am a bit scared about freebie cat food, but will try. Olive cannot eat much in the way of grains. When she does, one of her eyes drips for months. She eats premium grade dry salmon food at the moment. It got too hard to find high quality chicken and or turkey. I give her a quarter of a can of wet food each morning and a handful of cat treats a day, that have grains. We will see what’s delivered and how she does with dry foods with grains. There are plenty of other po’ folks here who could use cat food if Olive can’t eat it.

I had a frank discussion with the caseworker about the quality of the food and the unsafe temperatures that it’s delivered at. She did not take offense and we had a good conversation. She says a new company took over food preparation and service last week. While she was here, the volunteer came with my lunch after 1:30 PM.


So…today’s official menu says…breaded baked fish with creole sauce, creamed potatoes, Scandinavian blend vegetables and a peanut butter cookie. When the caseworker left, I heated my lunch. There were 3 things going for today’s lunch. I was starving, I put butter and seasoning on the food and there were no chemical smells. But….that “fish” is some weird stuff. I believe it’s minced and formed….like a cheap fish stick…..but instead of the outer batter being crispy, it was put in sauce. The potatoes had more resistence. The fish was basically the consistency of pudding. Ummm, ewwwwwwww! I can honestly say I have never eaten anything like it before :-p It tasted OK going down, but half an hour later I can taste a lingering slightly rancid, strong fish oil flavor. The peanut butter cookie was excellent! It came broken because it was soft. That cookie is my first totally yummy Meals on Wheels food 🙂

After resting a few hours, I got up to cook. I made the practical single person’s version of southwestern chicken. There weren’t any tomatoes left, so I used 4 radishes. No tortillas. Instead of dragging out the food processor for thick dressing, I mixed up sour cream, Hatch chile salsa and lime juice with a spatula. The rest of the ingredients were heated up with the chicken. The breakdown of ingredients and cost….chicken breast $1.17, corn and beans free, onion .33, cilantro .15, radishes .17, 1/2 lime .14, avocado .75, sour cream .20, Hatch chile salsa .30, coconut oil .15, seasonings .10 for a total of $3.46. I did not eat breakfast today, so $0 for that, and $0 for lunch…well, a few pennies for seasoning and butter.

The air has been getting worse all day. I way overdid it today. I can feel the stupid fever coming back. This morning I was thinking I was mostly better from that.