Wednesday we got notice that on Thursday from 8 to 12 AM, there would be no water while the pipes are repaired. I was prepared with a 5 gallon water jug in the bathroom and a big jug in the kitchen. I made sure to top off the water in my Brita pitcher, too. I figure you never know if something unforseen might happen with the plumber and his work. This is perhaps the same plumber that caused the last fire alarm. Everything must have gone OK, because we have water this afternoon.

Around 2:30 AM, Olive woke me up by meowing like a maniac and booping me on the nose. Yup…I had moved the CPAP from nose to forehead in my sleep. I was wheezing pretty bad last night. Not happy at all about the temperature inversion and resulting smog 😦 So….when I got up at 2:30, there was the same camper that woke me up a couple of nights ago. Made me very uncomfortable just a few feet from my bed. My vertical blinds do not close tight for privacy.

When I got up again about 7:30 AM, the camper was still there. I opened the blinds and sat in my chair. For the next hour I watched….whether I wanted to or not….as the whole thing bounced and rocked. No doubt at all what was going on in plain view. Eeeeeeeeewwwwww! I waited for the manager to show up, but he didn’t, so I told the maintenance guy that some strange person was parked out there having fun. All day I have watched the person moving around in the camper. Nobody has kicked them out of our parking lot. With the camper there, I cannot see the road or the mountains 😦 This is my view while relaxing with my feet on the ottoman and head craddled in my neck pillow. The other 2 pics were taken with my arms up in the air.


I started wondering if when Xfinity changed settings on my modem, if they turned the public wifi spot back on again. Yup. Supposedly I just turned it off. The hot spot still shows full bars. I was hoping that maybe that would make the clinger go away. So far, no luck. I can still see the truck moving from time to time. Everything else I can think to do is illegal.


Speaking of questionable ethics. Lunch showed up around 12:30. It wasn’t that bad with added seasoning. Braised beef tips over noodles, glazed carrots, broccoli cuts and florets and orange gelatin with mixed fruit. I skimmed the meet off the top and left the bloated noodles. The quality of the beef and gravy was better than the last noodle meal. I think they call it beef tips because they are the size of Q-tips. If the carrots were “glazed”, I couldn’t tell…but that’s OK. I would rather eat them unadulterated. I never eat jello unless I am locked up in the hospital. Luckily there wasn’t much jello to scrape off the fruit 🙂 For the day…no breakfast, MoW lunch and as I type, there’s a tamale steaming for supper. I will have it with Hatch chile salsa and some sour cream. Total cost for the day….$1.95. No more tomatoes or avocados 😦 Hopefully there will be some good food news tomorrow 🙂

Whew! At 2:30 PM, the creeptoid left. He had long hair, a cigarette dangling from his mouth and was filthy. I got dressed and went out to find the manager. I asked if he ever found out who the guy was. He claimed he went to look and no one was there. I missed that. I might have loudly said some bad words.

My favorite old guys were there while I was dealing with the manager. They thought the whole thing was wrong and creepy…and they told me to call the cops next time. I will! It made my skin crawl to know he was right there, looking in, for more than 12 hours….especially once I saw him.

I go nuts when I cannot see the mountains.