I decided to ask the bishop for church food earlier this week. Here’s my request list:

chicken noodle soup (got 4)
canned diced tomatoes (got 2)
hot cocoa mix (got a decent sized bag)
canned milk (got 6)
salsa (got a good-sized jug)
raspberry and strawberry jam (got a squeeze bottle of each)
macaroni & cheese (got 4)
butter (got a pound)
cheese (got 2 pounds of cheddar)
cottage cheese (got a pint)
eggs (got a dozen)
milk (got a gallon)
sour cream (got a pint)
carrots (got 2 pounds)
onions (got 4 or 5)
potatoes (got a very big bag)
tomatoes (got 5)
vegetables in season (got 2 bunches of broccoli, a green pepper and 2 cucumbers)
bananas (got a big bunch)
oranges (got a big bag)
franks (got 2 pounds)
sausage (got 2 pounds)
pork roast (it was bigger than I thought it would be)
shampoo (ordered before I got prescribed tar)
toilet paper (got 6)
wheat bread (got 1 loaf)
tortillas (got a package)
I want to make pork tamales with the pork roast! I only had a little bit of cherry jam left, so asked for 2 kinds of jam to make pb&j’s. It’s always amazing how quick the good food disappears. When it’s gone, I am less excited about eating. Too bad that is not the same as losing weight.

Here’s what my fridge and freezer looked like this morning. Most of the fridge is condiments:-) I don’t drink juice as juice. I fill half a juice cup each morning and evening so I have something to stir Miralax into. I have quite a few cans of cranberry concentrate between what came in my food box and what I could snag from the free table. My fridge is mostly condiments looking for food to adorn or spice up.

After noon, the creepy guy drove up and parked in front of my window again. I had the window open a bit to get some nice, fresh smog. I quick called the manager and he said he would do something. The guy that drove up was NOT the same guy as drove off yesterday. Then the guy who later got out of the back wasn’t the same guy who got in earlier. Now I am confused. Is that because of my difficulty recognizing people or are there 3 people?

Nothing was happening. I did not see or hear the manager go out. Lots of moving around in the camper. I sure didn’t want to see another sex act today. I looked out both windows, I took pics and I waited for a resolution. I admit….I flipped out. I went and stood in the darkest corner of the kitchen, obscured somewhat by the cupboards. Then….there was a knock at the same moment the door opened. The Meals on Wheels volunteer found me mashed into the corner in the dark. She was confused. I felt like an idiot. I told her about the creepy camper. I started shaking from head to toes. I felt like more of an idiot. She wanted to know what to do. I asked if she would mention the camper to the manager. Then my voice started to quiver and tears to pop out. I wanted to become invisible. She left. I went to the window, closed it and shut the blinds…and sobbed.

I sat there in the dark and thought about how embarassing that was. How many times do I do weird things that I immediately forget about? It’s only a big deal if I get caught acting strange. I do not like having people park in front of my window to do drugs and have sex! If I was living in my own home and someone parked a few feet from my window to do that, I sure as heck would call the cops! Because I am in the city in an apartment building, I guess I am supposed to act like oh well, who cares, it’s Utah. Wow! Was I ever glad when I heard the guy revving his engine to leave.

Once I calmed down, I heated my lunch and ate it. Lunch was roast pork with ginger glaze, Delmonico potatoes, green peas and spiced apples. If I had been blindfolded, the only things I would have identified were the peas and milk. No way would I have guessed from sight or smell that those were “Delmonico potatoes”! Because I did not read the menu before eating, my guess was sweet poatoes or rutabagas before tasting them…but I couldn’t tell they were potatoes once tasted, either. I could tell the sauce on the meat was slightly sweet, but I had no idea it was supposed to be made with ginger. I scraped off the sauce and left behind the fat. I am reasonably sure it was actual pork…but there was no flavor. And the dessert? I was thinking underripe canned pears. It was canned apples. These meals are a great sense of amusement 🙂 I was grateful there were no chemical smells or tastes!