They blew that forecast. Weather folks predicted 1 to 3 inches in the valley. We got bombed. In the middle of the night, the temperature went up to 48 degrees. Most of our past snow melted before the new batch came along. First it rained for hours, then snow got here it just kept intensifying. I have never seen or heard so many snow plows and salt trucks on my street. I hear there were many car accidents out there.

It’s more like stacked slush than fluffy snow. Very dense. The snowplow in the parking lot was straining. We went from a dark sky to sun pretty quick at the end of the storm.

I spent the entire day sorting through all the pictures on my chromebook and in the cloud. It was a fun, but emotional trip through my past lives.

Olive was getting impatient with me because I was paying more attention to the computer than to her.

Olive is not amused by the flash

Olive gave me the look when I stood over her and took a flash picture.

The only thing I ate today were hot dogs and cottage cheese. Ironically food did not look all that interesting to me today. I have been darned queasy and dizzy and short of breath. At least the air is better tonight 🙂 It’s also 20 degrees colder than this time last night.