December 10, 2014 I got a script for 30 Valiums. So far I have taken 14 of them. I am going for #15. The bottle says they expired last month. I don’t care!  For more than a year now, I have had trochanteric bursitis of my left hip. Today I got it on the right. I forgot how excruciating it is 😮

I have not been sleeping well at all. Maybe 4 hours a night for more than a week. Mostly it’s because of breathing difficulties. I think lack of sleep exacerbates bursitis. Something made it start hurting 😦

After 3 hours of sleep last night, I was able to go back to bed later this morning and sleep 3 more hours. I got up and heated some chicken soup for lunch. After eating, I started choking. For awhile there I had shards of chicken stuck in my throat. I coughed and choked until my hernia ripped. I tried to stay upright after the ripping, but eventually went to lie down and breathe oxygen. It was during that time that my right hip started hurting. At first I thought it was a garden variety cramp, so I shifted position. That only made it worse!

I felt all around my hip, above and below. Dang it! There were spots that brought me to tears. I am a minefield of soreness with patches of extreme tenderness and pain. I tried falling asleep. Ha. Then I remembered the Valium. I don’t like taking that stuff. It makes me weaker and my breathing gets worse….but that’s better than shooting myself. Oh, my gosh! Owwwwwwww! So now I am sitting here waiting for it to work.

Maybe it is working? I am thinking as much about the hernia rip as the hip pain. I pulled muscles and/or ripped something from belly button to groin. It hurts 😦 While I was looking for the Valium, I found the long outdated Oxycodone. If this gets too bad, I will take one of those….but it will make the myasthenia gravis worse. Sigh….what a fun Sunday….NOT!

When I crawled in bed for the second time, it was a bright, sunny day. When I got up, it was dark and snowing. Our official snow fall for yesterday was around 5 inches. This time the forecast is for an inch tonight. Storminess always makes everything hurt more…no matter what studies show. Most of what I remember about today is pain, pain and more pain.

I have a lot to learn about chromebooks. What I don’t know frustrates the heck out of me. Turns out that everything saved to Google Drive is also now clogging up my hard drive….and it’s very tiny in a chromebook. The more I read on specialized forums, the more frustrated I got. It said to uninstall Drive, clear the hard drive, then reinstall Drive. What a PITA. I was specifically saving things in the cloud to free up space!

Maybe someday when my brain works better, I will have enough clarity to fix things. Ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……….