I went to bed soon after 9 PM last night. Olive woke me up at 3 AM, because it was time for Mestinon. She is fantastic at letting me know every six hours 🙂 I have been awake ever since. I decided early morning would be a good time to stick my rent check in the box, get my mail and drop off empty pill bottles in the veterinarian donation box. Got dressed and in my wheelchair. Ummm….ooops! When I opened the door, a box fell in.


Hmmmm…I never heard a knock on the door yesterday after MoW and the pharmacy. Must have been a drop and run. A mystery person sent me a new wheelchair bag. Thank you! The old one was falling apart and I wanted to use it on my walker. I set my phone and camera on the seat as I move around the apartment. I hate to think how many times both have fallen to the floor. Now they have pockets to go into on the walker. AND…the new bag on my wheelchair is bigger, more useful and sturdier. Thank you nice person 🙂

It was 14 degrees when I woke up. Brrrrrrrr!!!!!! It has been interesting to watch the weather we have already endured as it marches across the country. I didn’t mention the high winds here yesterday. Snow was blowing by in horizontal gusts.

Wow, my hip was hurting, so I got in bed, but left my door unlocked in case I fell asleep and Meals on Wheels showed up. Figures it would be delivered at 11:30 since I fell asleep! I heard a knock and a yell and instantly fell back asleep. What woke me up was sulfur getting into my CPAP mask. Eeeewwww….it’s another one of those striated pieces of franken-chicken in franken-gravy. I put it in the fridge. An hour later, I can still smell the sulfur.

Even though it’s 27 degrees and snowing outside, I have the window open. Any air is better than that yucky sulfur smell. I will need to be a lot hungrier to be willing to eat lunch! Really, people…how much extra would it cost to serve real food without all those chemicals and additives????


The menu says rotisserie style chicken, rice pilaf with mushrooms, broccoli cuts, seasonal fruit and frosted cupcake. I remember reading that menu yesterday and being excited about rotisserie chicken. There’s no “style” about it. Yuck. And it figures that the fruit is a red delicious apple. I loathe those sort of apples. On the other hand, yellow delicious is one of my favorites.

Heck, I got up to take a pic. The meal grossed me out so bad that I stuck it in the freezer. Perhaps someday I will be so weak and sick that it seems good :-/ Looks like plain old rice to me. I just finished off the cupcake and milk. I am not a fan of chocolate fat free milk. It’s a waste of 20 carbs….too sweet. The cupcake was meh. I am also not a fan of either boxed cake mix or sprinkles. Gosh, I did not realize how picky I am until I started getting these meals. If I am going to consume carbs….they had darn well better be good ones….not this dreck. I just want to be able to afford decent food and make my own choices!!!!!!!!!!! The government is squandering $7.85 on that meal. I would rather have the money and eat fresh, yummy, real foods!


I decided to have a steamed tamale for lunch. The package says it’s 21 carbs. I would rather eat those carbs than the icky boxed chocolate milk. It’s interesting to note the zillion little decisions that go into everyday life. It’s only when my ability to decide for myself is taken away that I realize how important choice really is. That’s why I didn’t like going to Food Not Bombs any more and why I am not too fond of Meals on Wheels or the food bank. I am not very good at being grateful for things I don’t want or don’t like. My real lunch: sweet corn tamale $1.25, sour cream .20, Hatch chile salsa .30, tomato was free for a toal cost of $1.75.

Dang it! The ENT doc’s office called. The doc has pneumonia so my appointment for tomorrow is cancelled. The next available appointment is in 3 weeks. My tongue hurts a lot. I was supposed to be seen in mid January. So, I called paratransit and cancelled my ride. All those people had a hard time understanding me. Sooooooo tired of my broken voice! So tired of Utah!

Olive kept meowing, rubbing all over me and patting me with her paw. I looked at the clock. She is good! Six hours again. I took my meds and gave her some treats. Who knew there were service cats? Gosh, it’s almost 6 more hours. I wonder if Olive will do it yet again? She’s busy sleeping right now.

Gee, no plans for tomorrow after all. Tonight I went out to get today’s mail and to go into the upstairs laundry room for the first time since it was modernized. No laundry was being done. There’s just barely enough room for me to get into the room, but no way I can do my laundry from my wheelchair. Darn. Maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. Who knows if there are still bedbugs lurking in there? Eeeewwww.