I love Vermont. But I have been there, done that. The biggest reason I want to return is for a decent neurologist and to be treated with dignity as a disabled person with very low income. Today, out of random curiosity, I started looking at Washington state again. And then there’s Kathleen who keeps mentioning Colorado. I have also been thinking about my ancestral stomping grounds near Skaneateles, NY. From time to time, I look up low income housing within reasonable distance to hospitals and doctors. I hate looking at places in Burlington, Vermont. I get depressed. Burlington is on the side of a very steep hill. It snows a lot. I get excited about new-to-me areas to live.

What I want more than anything else is a wheelchair lift van so I can go camping. I want to go find a new state to call home. It has to be a state that will be more helpful than not. I have learned my lesson that Republican states are NOT friendly to low income disabled people. Now that I am also 60, it should help me to be a senior anywhere I move. There are still housing choices that I need to be 62 for, but I am now in a more favored demographic. Somehow I have now shifted to the worthy poor. When I was just disabled, there was room to wonder if I was trying hard enough or really all that sick.


Speaking of sick, I was hungry in the morning, but again did not eat lunch or supper. I have had a low fever all day….and one of those stupid killer headaches 😦 I am dehydrated. Time to get another gallon of milk. I made myself a cup of hot chocolate that was good 🙂 When I am dehydrated, my legs and abdomen swell up more than ever. Today I have deeply pitting edema. Such an enigma! I have had 2 pitchers of water today and have certainly not peed that much back out.

Breakfast was 2 hashbrowns .38, 2 sausages .75, 2 eggs .58, Mexican squash .23 , onion .14, tomato free, Hatch chile salsa .40 and Swiss-Gruyere cheese $1. That’s a total of $3.48. I realized I have been using the wrong #’s for a few weeks! I get $91/month SNAP and somehow I started saying .91 per meal. It’s 97.8 cents per meal. Ooops! That’s $2.93/day…..not $2.73. I’m rich! 🙂


Looking down Cottonwood Canyon towards the valley smog

The air quality site that I usually go to was down today. I found some even better sites. I like watching the 24 hour time lapse slide show. Cool 🙂

Fireworks at 9 PM that I can see with my blinds closed! What’s going on? I never saw fireworks come from that direction before. Superbowl party? Olive ran to the window to see what’s up.

I have been trying to write this blog post for hours. I give up. My brain is fried from the fever.