It took days to delete photos so I could keep doing this blog. Now I am going back through and neatening things up. It took all day to do 4 months worth. It’s both tedious and interesting. And honestly…it’s often depressing! When I read back over all the sickness and pain, it’s hard to imagine that I have lived through all that. Ugh.

I am grateful I am no longer with Rhett. As bad as sickness and my disabilities have been, the abuse I put up with from Rhett was worse. In posts I mentioned some of my frustrations with him, but only I know and remember the back story. I lived it every day. I am glad he took off on me when I needed him most. That gave me the strength to say enough is enough. It’s painful for me to read and relive that time.

This has been a bad air day and TV news says we are going to have the longest stretch of inverted air and concentrated pollution in a long time. Oh, joy! It hurt way too much to breathe as is. The timelapse is fun. We have the biggest blob of bad air in the country 😦

Sometime before noon, the loud knock on my door scared the heck out of me. Meals on Wheels.

Look! Two kinds of mixed vegetables. That wasn’t on the menu, but is more interesting. The official description is fettuccine chicken Alfredo, Italian blend vegetables, whole kernel corn and cherry gealtin with pears. It wasn’t fettuccine, we got bloated bow ties with franken chicken. My guess was it was in chicken gravy? The green beans and carrots were quite woody. Not undercooked…but fibrous. The jello was vile artificial flavoring. The milk was good 🙂 I didn’t eat breakfast or supper….just this.

My fever is stubbornly sticking with me. There was never a moment all day that I felt OK. At least I am better off than some folks. It seems like we have had a constant procession of fire trucks and anbulances here. A pair just left. Earlier today, I thought the ambulances were coming here. Turns out multiple people went through the ice at Liberty Park. Gosh, I haven’t been to the park in “forever”. I have hardly left my apartment in days. The last time I went shopping was 19 days ago.