Too much pain to sleep, so I woke up early. Good thing I decided to also have an early breakfast! 2 hashbrowns .38, 2 eggs .58, onion .14, tomato free, cheddar free, Hatch chile salsa .40….for a total of $1.50. I wish I had added a lot more cheddar.


I got dressed and made my bed in preparation for Meals on Wheels. As each hour ticked by, I got more and more antsy. I hate wearing clothes. Every time I need to use the bathroom, I wonder if that’s when someone will open the door and come in my apartment. No matter what I am doing, I have to worry that the door might open any minute. It gets old. When it got to be 2 PM, I went down to the community room. The food was still in there. All of us who get meals were there, wondering what was going on. Around 3 PM, a familiar face came through the front door. She said she had been at the hospital when she realized it was after 2 on a Tuesday…so she came running.

I felt bad for her. She was obviously rattled. Her mother had fallen twice and also has dementia. They were trying to find a nursing home for her to go to from the hospital. As I discovered when I needed a rehab center after surgery….finding a place becomes a nightmare.


I was thinking what was on the menu sounded good. Meatloaf with gravy, whipped potatoes, steamed spinach and seasonal fruit. I had this picture in my mind of what I would cook. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I hadn’t considered franken food “meat” and “gravy”. I tasted no meat, but I certainly smelled chemicals. I did what I could. I drained the spinach and added cider vinegar, then put butter on the potatoes and plenty of seasoning on it all. I saved the banana to go with evening meds. And the milk was great 🙂


While out near the community room, a guy wanted me to pet his dog. The darn terrier grabbed my arm and started humping it 😦 The beast gave me a few puctures and scratches. I washed it down with plenty of soap!



I spent the afternoon wheezing from the yucky air. It looked awful outside. Then I took a 5 hour nap so I could breathe oxygen. My lungs were on fire. I did not have supper tonight….too weary to chew.

I spent a significant part of the day working on deleting old photos and their place holders in old blog posts. It’s going to take days to make it to 2016. I am still on 2013. Keeps me out of trouble.