I was out at the road in my power wheelchair when it tried to pitch me onto the ground. I was going up the curb cut at the end of my building when one of the wheels fell off my chair. That caused me to do 360’s and have me flung forward down the slope. Good thing I always wear my seatbelt, or I would have been crushed by the chair. I was really scared!

I put the chair in neutral with the manual foot pedals and yanked the chair backwards up the slant. Then I turned it around and pushed it back into the lobby. It took a loooooong time and was wicked hard to do. I never thought of the consequences. I just knew I needed to get back inside. The temperature was in the 20’s and I did not have a coat on. I had just gone the length of the parking lot to cool down from my fever, and had turned around to come back.

When I got into the lobby, I called the RA on my cellphone. I asked if she would get my walker from my apartment so I could use it to get home. It was really, really hard to make it down my hallway. I cried the whole time. Of course I ripped the hernia. I just never even thought about it. All I was thinking was I was too weak to make it back in the building. Once I got inside, the reality of what I had done hit me 😦 I am soooooo screwed! The hernia hurts now. What’s it going to feel like when the adrenaline wears off? How much closer am I to my intestines spilling out? I hurt my neck and spine, too.

Then there’s my immediate mobility. I cannot go anywhere without my chair….not to the garbage or laundry or to get the mail or buy groceries. I tried to find someone to fix my chair last summer. No one wants to accept Medicaid reimbursement for the work. I desperately want someone to help me….to make it all happen. I suppose sitting here crying is NOT helping. The enormity of it all is sinking in 😦

I am officially overwhelmed. Back to the earlier mundane…..

The lunch menu for today is vegetable cheese strata, Brussels sprouts with cheese sauce, garden vegetable salad and mocha pudding. The first mishap was that when I took plastic wrap off the top, it also brought with it the inside plastic lining. After I nuked the meal, I put the food on a plate, which seems more civilized. The salad was light years better than any salad so far. I need to buy or make my own salad dressing though. The junk in the condiment pack is nasty. I was also impressed that the Brussels sprouts were decent and unlike the yucky ones I had before. The strata was about 75% bread. Strange stuff. It was edible, though. I did not even add seasoning this time. I would have never guessed that was mocha pudding. Good milk 🙂

Today was food bank box day. I put about half of it back on the free table and I snagged at least that much in better stuff. I got canned pulled pork, orange juice, boxed milk, diced tomatoes, canned peaches, tuna, canned salmon, peanut butter, eggs and a loaf of very stale bread. It was a better haul than usual.

We have been in the red, unhealthy air zone all day. I have been wheezing and struggling to breathe, so pushing the chair out in that pea soup was kind of an added nightmare.



Pat Bagley – The Salt Lake Tribune

I am sooooo sore now that I have cooled down. I am trying to be brave. Trying…trying really hard….