Utah’s bad air is the worst it’s been in years — and it’s likely to stick around…story from the Trib

Every moment of the day and night, the air stinks and it’s hard to breathe. This temperature inversion sucks. There were hints that a city exists in the timelapse.

It looks like a chunkier version of the meal that looked like dog kibble…but it’s pork, not chicken…plus it smelled and tasted better! The menu says sweet and sour pork, steamed brown rice, broccoli cuts, mixed vegetables and mandarin oranges. This was actually a fairly good meal! Wow. Love the milk. Today I was given 3 meals…today’s, Saturday and Sunday. She said tomorrow I would get the regular meal and the one for Monday.

An hour or two after Meals on Wheels, there was another knock on the door. FINALLY! The maintenance man put in a new faucet. I had no idea that so many annoyances were from the old faucet. Now I can fill the Brita pitcher in seconds rather than minutes. And when the handle is switched between hot or cold…that temperature water comes out! No long, drawn out wait. I love my new faucet 🙂 When he was done, he asked if I needed anything else. I got him to put the metal covers back over the ends of the grab bars in the shower. He also promised again to bring back my closet doors. That would be nice 🙂

I decided to eat Saturday’s lunch for today’s supper. Because it’s a weekend meal, there is no menu. These were different meatballs than the other day, with gravy and bowties, green beans and what I thought was maybe apples and cabbage? One bite of the pink crap and I spit it out. Wicked bitter. Tasted like no food I could identify. Not a great lunch, but mostly good enough to eat. Excellent milk to go with it 🙂

I spent the evening working on blog picture removal. At 8 PM I decided I was going to go get my wheelchair. I made it to the chair with my walker, but then I was real weak. Just as I reached my hallway, my ex laundry lady and the van woman saw me. LL started pushing the chair with me, so VW helped too. They helped all the way to my apartment….thereby redeeming themselves in my eyes. Funny how that happens. I end up helping people who despise me and sometimes the people who annoy me turn out to be nice one day.


I put the wheel on the floor near where it goes so you can see what fell off. I got mad at the wheelchair company. I sent an email to corporate headquarters. Then I called the local office….not the repair people. I explained that they never call me back. Both corporate and local promised to help. Nobody from repair called today. The longer my chair was out in the lobby, the more I stressed out about someone stealing it. I decided it was better to just endure the physical pain rather than to endure the mental nagging.

I hope that was not another stupid choice on my part. I still hurt a lot from yesterday….and now I hurt more. I never learn.