The hope didn’t work out, though. Like a bazillion other things in Utah and my life. Two guys from church came to try to fix the chair, but the only nuts available were way too fat. They left to find another nut, but no such luck. The one from Home Depot fits on the bolt, but it’s too thick and hits the wheel. Apparently there’s an actual nut and bolt store that will be open on Monday….and they have the right size. The guys will try again Monday.

If I had known they weren’t coming back and the chair wasn’t going to be fixed, I would have asked/begged for them to take out my garbage. The Meals on Wheels food trays smell bad 😦 The garbage was last taken out Tuesday morning. Gross! Sometimes life just sucks.

My belly is swollen up tight and hurts like heck when touched. I spent much of the day visiting the bathroom. That’s one angry hernia and very pissed off set of intestines 😦 I think the lack of probiotics really makes a difference in how I feel. I also desperately need antihistimines. I took the last one this past week. My throat/neck/head/nose are all swollen up. I can order some generic Zyrtec from my pharmacy on Monday. My life spirals out of control without mobility. If I had a van I could drive close to a store, use their electric cart and still seem sort of normal. I live at the end of a long hallway here. Sigh…

It could be worse. I could live in Elk City, Idaho or have been the person in SLC who just got run over by a car while they were bicycling 😦 News just came in that there will be a Republican debate here in SLC before the March caucus. Ugh…I have to share the same polluted air with those idiots!


So far today I have only had breakfast. I made potato pancakes. Free potatoes, free onion, free eggs, free pancake mix and maybe 20 cents of coconut oil and free salt and pepper from the spice grinders. My guts don’t want any more food.

I should look at the postive. Two men tried to help me today and one church woman offered. That’s better than nobody caring 🙂

When I wasn’t frantically sending emails or stressing out, I filled my time watching videos of how people have built beds in their RV’s and vans. My 2 vans had a bed across the back. My next one will probably have one lengthwise. That means it needs to be couch sized during the day, then pull out further for sleeping. I think I have my design figured out. I needed the distraction.

I want it to have an open front like this. The couch should be high enough to fit an 18 gallon Rubbermaid tote under and wide enough to cover the length, or more than the length of the tote. Totes are 16.5 in. high x 23.9 in. long x 15.9 in. wide. But….I don’t want a solid piece of wood for the foam to go on, I want it to either be made of slats or holes in the plywood for ventilation. I give off gallons of night sweats. A typical mattress is 75″ long, so that’s about right for 4 totes underneath. The width of this bed depends on what’s on the other wall. A twin mattress is 38″ wide, so that would be the minimum bed width. It would run from behind the driver’s seat, towards the back.

I want to get a swivel base for the passenger seat so that seat can turn around and be a comfy chair…like this. I have never been a fan of built-in sinks or stoves or fridges. My one burner Coleman propane stove and a dishpan are more flexible…for use inside or outside. If I were really rich, I would put flexible solar panels on my dream van roof. Then I would have a Whynter fridge/freezer hooked to the solar. We’re talking thousands of dollars for that, so a cooler sounds real good 🙂  A cooler can go between the front seats or right behind the passenger seat.

It’s making me happy to plan my dream van, so I will keep going. An extended van is approximately 232″ L x 79″ W. A guess is…there’s just enough room from the back of the driver’s seat to where the wheelchair would sit, for the bed to fit in. Today I took the foot rests off my chair to make repair easier. It would also make more room to carry the chair and still have space in the van. The leg rests are very easy to put on and take off. The back of the van needs a wheelchair lift.

I am guessing maybe 36″ to 48″ of space for storage between the door and the wheelchair? I am thinking my 2 dressers, bolted together, one on top of the other, and anchored to the wall, would work. There should be nooks and crannies to fit my wooden tray table, the camping chair, porta potty and my generator. Maybe the porta potty can go at the end of the bed, closest to the chair? I still need to get new feet for my platform step. No way could I get in or out of a van without it. I worry about my hernia fitting behind the steering wheel. I hope it does! I have read that the rails for the seat can be moved back and new holes drilled.

Well…that was fun dreaming 🙂 I will dream some more tomorrow….