I managed to sleep maybe 5 hours last night, but I kept waking up from coughing, gagging and just generally not breathing. After being awake a couple of hours, I cooked some breakfast. I miss having vegetables! This was 2 hashbrowns (.38), 3 tiny eggs (free), some sausage (.85), half an onion (free), cheddar cheese (free), cooked in coconut oil (.20) and served with salsa verde (.30), for a total of $1.73 .

Lunch showed up around noon. Chicken with divan sauce, penne pasta, brussels sprouts with cheese sauce, seasoned carrots and strawberry whip. You know what “strawberry whip” is? Fake flavored jello with fake whipped cream on top. Franken chicken with sides that I have loathed and commented on before. The words on the menu always sound better than what’s delivered. I stuck the stupid “meal” right in the freezer. The only thing worth consuming is the milk. Every day I understand more and more why the paper thin guy is so skinny. Who wants to eat this crap?

Today I got a bill for Meals on Wheels. I took the opportunity to tell them I no longer want to get food from them. I wrote a page of what I appreciated and what I thought was awful. I believe I was polite and factual. I am bummed that it didn’t work out. Theoretically, Meals on Wheels was perfect for someone like me. The missing link was decent quality food.

Wow. That feels good to dump Meals on Wheels. I will still get them for a day or so, but then no more torture! Yippee!!!!!!!

I next wrote to the RS president at church and asked for another food order. I will get that some time this week. That’s a huge relief since I cannot go shopping at this point.

Now for the bad news. The guy from church went to the nuts and bolts store and they do not sell the right nut. I called the wheelchair company and no paperwork has been returned to them. I called the doc’s office, but by this time it was after 5 and no one answered. So much for their promise to call back Friday or Monday 😦

Now back to afternoon…after putting lunch in the freezer, I felt wicked bad sick. I fell asleep for almost 3 hours and woke up choking. I honestly don’t know what health challenge is the biggest culprit. I suppose it’s all of them put together. The dizziness and queasiness are awful….plus the usual stuff wrong. I never did eat lunch or supper.

Tonight I broke out in an allergic rash on the whole back of my neck. I got hives there, then all over. It has to be the Tarsum shampoo. It’s even listed as a side effect. The hydrocortisone cream on my face gave me major acne and sores with bleeding. Most medicines make me worse. Why don’t I ever learn? Hope springs eternal, I guess.

Meals on Wheels chemically laden processed pretend food is probably doing all that nasty stuff on the inside of me. I wonder what horrid things it has done to my digestive system? I need to go back to a purer diet and no weird meds. It was an eye opening experience to be part of MoW. Poor and frail people in Utah are used as cash cows to bring state and federal money to bear….but little of the money most definitely is NOT used for food.

I have a doc appointment about my tongue on Wednesday. How the heck am I going to get there and back? Temperatures will be in the mid 40’s, so paratransit will not allow me to ride. It has to be under 40 degrees. I could deal with getting to the front door with my walker, but there’s no way I could make it to the bus stop or TRAX. I need my power chair!

When I found out my chair would not be fixed today, I decided I was going to take out garbage and get mail….no matter what! The stench from MoW food trays was making me crazy. I very slowly and carefully went out in my chair. The wheel wobbles and does not turn smoothly since it’s only held there by the weight of me and the chair. I made sure to go over uneven surfaces real slow so the wheel would not fall off. By the time I got back to my apartment, I was soaked in sweat, incredibly weak and ready to barf. Gee…that was fun.

I will be excited to get my generic Zyrtec delivered by the pharmacy tomorrow. Thank goodness for having an account there and delivery folks! I cannot deal with all this allergy stuff. I have been itching nonstop for hours along with struggling to breathe. It doesn’t help that a new person moved near me in this hall….and smoke has been pouring into the hallway 😦 The draft stopper under my door helps, but it does not totally keep out smoke.


I yearn for lower elevations and cleaner air. Today, for the fist time in a while, monitoring showed carbon monoxide. Air quality was in the yellow zone. Utah is killing me on many levels. Read this: