Still no phone calls from my doc’s office. So I wrote an email.

I am in need of a paper faxed to ******. This has been going on for 2 weeks 😦

The wheel fell off my power wheelchair on the 10th. The chair needs all sorts of work….but most importantly, all it would take to get me mobile again is a simple nut. Then I could use the chair until it could be more extensively repaired. I have been trying to get these repairs authorized for months. I found out that ****** had been faxing the wrong doctor!

But….they finally got it right and your office got a fax on the 19th. My chair has been broken since the 10th. This makes me unable to do things like visit doctors, buy groceries, take out the garbage, do my laundry or get my mail. Major life disruption and there is no one to help me.

Please, please, please sign the fax and get it back to *****. The representative at *****(insurance) said that if you use Code***, that the request will be expedited. If it isn’t, I will need to wait more weeks until the chair will be repaired.

My hernia has gotten bigger since I saw you last. That’s because I tried to get around with my walker instead of the chair. This has caused my skin to rip even more. It hurts A LOT and causes fevers that come and go. I also have a difficult time urinating and defecating because the hernia is so huge, painful and drooped down. It has become a mechanical problem with my intestines.

Please authorize wheelchair repair ASAP. Thank you.

I got a very quick response saying:

Wendy, Dr. **** is wanting to have an appointment with you prior to filling out these forms. If you need any wheelchair assistance, we’d be more than willing to have a wheelchair available here for you.

I wrote back and said I cannot get there without a wheelchair. Their email system won’t let me access what I just wrote 😦 So, I wrote another one and sent it….

Now I am not sure if I hit send or not….sorry.

I have no mobility without my chair. I am too weak, along with the huge hernia. I can only move around by using my power chair to get from my apartment to my apartment building’s front door….or anywhere else. Then once I get to the door, I need transportation. I can only walk a few feet at best. I have paratransit, but they will only let me have rides when the temperature is above 80 or below 40 degrees. It takes me more than an hour to get to Redwood Clinic by a combination of TRAX and bus….and several blocks. I can only do that distance in my power chair.

I do not understand why I need to come in without a chair to prove I need my wheelchair fixed? To me, that’s just crazy 😦

I got another reply telling me to get a ride with someone. What the heck is wrong with these people??? Why is it now contentious to get my power wheelchair fixed? I just want to crumple into a pile and wail my brains out. Today’s appointment is going to be a many hours long marathon. If it was not for something as serious as possible tongue cancer, I would not have gone through all I have, to make it possible.

So now I have to make an appointment, wait days to be seen by the doctor, find a ride there and back and wait even longer for paperwork completion, approval and hopefully repair. Does this seem sensible to you? How hard is it to grasp the concept of a wheelchair in need of repair?

I loathe Utah.