For breakfast I had the other half of what I made for Tuesday’s supper….turkey burger, broccoli and potatoes. 85 cents πŸ™‚

What the heck? Yesterday my phone runs out of minutes and today the internet stops working. The more frantically I try to contact people, the more my life seems to fall apart. I reset the modem a couple of times and all is well. $5 went to re-up the phone for 50 minutes. I wish people would quit putting me on hold!

I decided to try the other wheelchair company again. They said it would take one or two months to do paperwork and have the repair happen! They said it was best to go through the company that sold me the chair.

So….I decided how about asking my GP to do the paperwork? I emailed their office and asked if they would be willing. I explained what had happened so far. I very quickly got back an email that said:

That is terrible! I’m sorry about that issue with your chair! Get those papers faxed over to us ASAP so we can get that chair repaired for you!Β Our fax number is *****

I then called the national wheelchair company and asked them to fax my GP. Hopefully they really did it. Well…they did not. They promised to call me back and didn’t. The GP’s office emailed to say they never got anything. Guess what Thursday’s project is?


The MoW volunteer whooshed in, put food on my counter and whooshed out. That woman always makes me feel like I am contagious. She’s super thin. Maybe the fat will fly off me and onto her πŸ™‚ The menu claims I got chicken cacciatore with whole grain pasta, broccoli Normandy, spinach romaine salad and apple crisp. It doesn’t look like those things….does it? Perhaps the carrots in the apple crisp confused me πŸ˜› I stuck the meal in the freezer.

I saw the ENT/dentist. He was fun πŸ™‚ I needed some good for a change! He says I have geographic tongue and the bump on the inside of my mouth is a torus….otherwise known as some extra bone. I asked him about my voice. He thought it was spasmodic dysphonia. Then I showed him how I can talk if I tip my head back or lift up my eyelid. It was fun watching his face! πŸ™‚ Then he decided it was all MG’s fault. I asked if he could give me IVIg for geographic tongue πŸ™‚ We had a good time joking around about how horrible Utah Medicaid is. He says it’s the worst in the nation. I don’t think that’s right….but close!

Then I waited around a very long time for a hospital person to push me to Huntsman. It’s also a loooooong way there from the main hospital. It was another nightmare, but it turned out OK in the end. When I got to the right cancer clinic, I got out of the hospital’s wheelchair and sat in an office chair. I did not think about what I looked like. I stretched and kept rubbing my lower spine. A guy came over to me and asked if I had myeloma back. I said I hoped not, but it had been mentioned as a possibility a few times. I told him my aunt died of multiple myeloma and asked if that’s what he had. Yup. He said he was in his 50’s. We talked a bit back and forth about MM and MGUS and being alive and then it was my turn to go get my port flushed.

Wow! That was the speediest nurse I have ever had. Definitely less than 5 minutes and I was done. She pushed me down to the lobby and outside. Her workmate pushed my walker. I sat out there with no coat, in the hazy sunshine and waited for my taxi. That’s when I spied green things! My first of the season πŸ™‚ It’s some sort of bulbs sprouting.


I had a voucher for $7.50 and it was supposed to cost me $7.50. Almost right. I got home at 6 PM. I left just after 2 PM. It seemed both short and forever. My back and left knee is in soooooooooooo much pain! Geeze….only 4 hours, huh?

I have been tired and bleary eyed tonight. More about my amazing life tomorrow. Snicker….