Oh, my gosh. How could 4 hours away wear me out so much? I slept 8 hours last night, got up, took meds, ate breakfast and slept until afternoon. I had eggs (free), sausage (.85), half an onion (free) palm oil and a side of Sriracha sauce (.20) for a total of $1.05. I only woke up because the MoW volunteer knocked and came in.


Another puzzling delivery of 2 meals for Saturday. I love what they call “cut meat”. Someone broke a chunk off. I wonder what it is? I put them in the freezer.


3 meals of milk and fruit.


Today is supposed to be teriyaki meatballs, steamed brown rice, steamed spinach, capri blend vegetables and Mandarin pineapple cup. I nuked it and poured some vinegar on the spinach. It seemed odd that the vinegar did not sink in, but stayed in a layer on the top. I stirred the spinach and tasted it. Today we have spinach snot. Whoever “cooks” meals must have a big drum of modified food starch. I can’t believe they put it in spinach 😦 I threw the disgusting mess out. The meatballs were edible, but the rice was way too sweet. These folks add gratuitous carbs whenever possible! Amusing that there was pineapple on the rice and pineapple in a cup.


How about some good news 🙂 The wheelchair company faxed paperwork to my GP this morning and he already faxed it back in the morning. I wish I had used his name as my doc all along! I especially like him because he is not part of the hospital/doc/insurance conglomerate. What will the next obstruction be? Sigh….

Darn, the schedule part is not shown on the MG website. It just tells about the meeting in SLC April 23rd. Remember the whole bogus SFEMG test administered by the guy trying to prove I do not have generalized MG? He said I have ocular, and people don’t get IVIg for that. In order to “prove” I don’t have MG, he tested in a strange place for a very short time and avoided testing around my eyes. I was supposed to get the test from Dr Singleton….who has a better reputation. But I got a call saying Singleton does not do those tests and I had to have the evil neuro do the test. At this upcoming meeting, Singleton will be talking. The poster says he teaches how to give those tests. I want to know why I was given an appointment with him and then switched. The judge asked for him thanks to my lawyer and good neuro. I wish I had been allowed to see him.


Most of the sessions sound boring. The only other interesting one is about going into myasthenic crisis. I would like to hear what that guy says.


The only real solution for me is to get the heck out of Utah. I keep thinking how much fun the doctor was yesterday. I miss having people to joke around with. He thought it was obvious I have MG. Every doc I have thinks that. Insurance is still forking over the $3000/month for my MG meds. Maybe I shouldn’t say that too loud 😛 I am disturbed the ENT thought I have spasmodic dysphonia still. I have been thinking about that all night and day. It’s kind of a big duh. I wanted to dump the label when IVIg made me better. Problem is, my voice is still broken. I realized just how deep my denial goes. Sigh….only a very small percent of people with MG have spasmodic dysphonia.

Ooooh…the RS pres showed up with food, made my bed and took away my laundry. She did all that so fast 😮 I got….

2 cans cream of mushroom soup
6 canned milk
4 pounds white sugar
bag of brown sugar
big bag of white flour
pancake mix
4 macaroni and cheese
2 butters
2 cottage cheese
2 dozen eggs
1 gallon milk
2 sour cream
several onions
8 tomatoes
a huge bag of zucchinis
bunch of bananas
lots of oranges
4 grapefruits
2 pkgs franks
2 pounds sausage
2 pounds hamburger patties
a toothbrush
bag of toilet paper rolls
Even though that food looked like a lot in the cart, there are a bunch of things I really need/want to go buy. Like condiments!

For supper tonight I ate yesterday’s lunch salad, some cottage cheese and an orange. All free 🙂

This woman in the UK has been in the news because of her poverty and because she wants other people to understand what it’s like and how it makes her feel. Then she wrote part 2 and talked about what idiots said to her and ways to get help. I can identify. I’ve heard it all. When I was younger, I allowed it to upset me. I love it when people suggest I sell my microwave and TV and not have a cellphone or internet. Real helpful. The microwave was $10 or less and the TV was $8. I don’t have cable. Now I have the free lifeline phone, and without the internet I would have almost no life at all. Sigh….being poor is $#@^&!@#!!!!!!