It seems that both short and long term, just about everything goes in cycles. When I was a kid, I understood the surface part of history…but I somehow believed we were all smarter now and would quit repeating the same old cycles. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I am one of those hope springs eternal kind of people. I think somehow the next time around will be different. I am conflicted about that. On one hand, I seem to need hope to cling to when all is not going well. On the other hand, believing next time will be different has gotten me into heaps of trouble. Hmmmmmm…..

Doesn’t matter if the issue is big or small. Like food. I wake up queasy. It usually takes hours to feel like eating. When I finally feel hungry, cook something and eat….then I feel sick and awful and queasy……and around and around it goes.

Politics is the same. All through history, people in power have done bad things and denied them. Then later it comes out that the bad things were willfully done and covered up as long as possible. I don’t understand why most people lie. They lie to get a job and to keep it, they lie for themselves and their superiors. It just goes on, layer upon layer because all know that if one person snitches, they all will fall together….legally and/or financially. Lying becomes a way of life. It took me decades to really grasp this. I don’t even begin to understand it all, though.

Now that Hillary is running for president, new dirt is surfacing about Bill. The Clintons were just a mirage. They seemed better than the alternative…but were they really? All politicians are corrupt. I would probably even be disappointed in some of what Bernie has done. We are all flawed human beings, trying to do the best we can. But are we doing the best for ourselves, our posterity, our country, the earth? It’s all so very complicated!

I have total faith in God…Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But that’s about it. I don’t trust people….but I also have no choice. People are what’s available on earth. We come as diverse beings to this existence. It takes a whole lifetime to try to figure things out….but that’s not enough time. We just have to do our best and hope it works out.

I have a lot of time on my hands. No energy, no mobility, no money…but I still have what’s left of my brain. I try to use it. I spend hours reading news stories from every political angle. I have spent my whole life intently watching and listening….trying to make sense of the world. It just happens that it’s easier for me to dislike Republican ideas more than most.

Geeze! In Idaho a legislator has been saying stupid things about rape.

During the hearing Rep. Pete Nielsen, R-Mountain Home, said, “Now, I’m of the understanding that in many cases of rape it does not involve any pregnancy because of the trauma of the incident. That may be true with incest a little bit.”

I started thinking it sounded an awful lot like Utah. Did you know there is no sex education in this state? All they teach is abstinence. Utah has a high rate of domestic abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. I looked up Pete Nielson. He is LDS, a far right conservative, and recently he was caught poaching an elk. He got the judge to hold off judgement until after the legislative season so he wouldn’t get embarrassed!

Hicks granted Nielsen’s request to delay his court dates until the 2016 Idaho Legislature adjourns so as not to interrupt his duties a legislator. Nielsen is tentatively scheduled to reappear in early April depending if the session is done by then.

If LDS people truly believed the scriptures and pure religion, I don’t see how they could be as Republican and as stupid as they are. Instead, the Mormon culture of the intermountain west has many branches of whackos…like the Bundys. 

The Utah legislature wants to take control of federal lands in order to sell them, wants to make it OK to discriminate against low income people in housing, does not want to allow cannabis for healing, does not want to expand Medicaid and a whole boatload of other issues that sure don’t pass my idea of “what would Jesus do” decisions. Almost all Republican Utah legislators are LDS.

This place has tested my faith in religion and people to the nth degree. I am talking about organized religion and not simply faith in God. I think God lets us do whatever and then deals with us. Jesus showed the correct way to live and the Holy Spirit is always there to help us. I am thinking the voices in my head are not the same ones in Bundy’s or most Republican’s heads. And I think that’s a good thing 🙂


I spent the whole day feeling sick and weak. Yuck. Took a nap. I did eat brunch. Potato, onion, tomato, zucchini, salsa, cheddar (all free) with some sausage (.85). I didn’t feel like adding eggs. That was my meal for the day. I counted MoW food trays in my freezer. There are 11 of them 😮

My right sided lipodermatosclerosis leg has some small, hard bumps that hurt. Because I am so dehydrated right now, most of the edema is gone from my legs. That’s unusual! My left knee has been much worse than usual. The knee is swollen and keeps crunching. Eeeewww!


Olive likes to stare at the container of cat treats.