For several days and nights now, there have been lots of sirens and helicopters. All day, all night. A helicopter just circled low over the city. Olive went nuts. She ran from window to window meowing. It sounded like they were going to land on our roof!

Monday night there was a march against police brutality. It wasn’t all that far from me. It seems like the good weather has brought out a whole crop of shady looking people. Quite a few young folks hanging around this senior apartment building….and they all have big hoods pulled around their faces. Creepy.

And speaking of creeps….a few moved out yesterday and today….but it looks like even more new ones have moved in. Lots of noise upstairs. Each time I leave my apartment, it seems like there are non-stop parties going on. That never happened before.

The END!!!!! This time the knock on my door was the Meals on Wheels volunteer being puzzled. She said my name was taken off the list, but she had a meal for me. I told her to keep it. She tried enticing me by saying it was a turkey dinner πŸ˜› If it was real turkey, I would be pouncing on it, but alas, it was franken turkey. Yesterday I ate the chemically laden meal and last night I had hives and welts from head to toes. My belly was bloated out and hurt something fierce all night long 😦


Instead, I made my own lunch of sausage, onion, potato and egg with a sauce made from tomatillo salsa, green dragon hot sauce and sour cream. Total cost maybe 10 cents for the sauce.

For breakfast I used my last banana to make waffles with real maple syrup…!

I wasn’t going to eat supper, but something surprising happened. My home teacher came here after work with a party. He invited my goofy friend, Gordon. Travis brought a lemon cake and candles, noisemakers, hats, a tiara for me, sparkling apple and pomegranate juces. I was gifted Vermont maple syrup πŸ™‚ There were 60th birthday cups, plates and candles. Wow! That was absolutely unexpected and fun!