West Nile Virus didn’t really start my left shoulder hurting, but it brought it to a new pain level. When WNV was raging in the beginning, I had an exquistely tender left shoulder. What’s up with the pain today? I think it’s because Travis put a bottle of bubbly in the crook of each one of my arms. I had to hold my arms like that for quite a while while he and Gordon snapped pics of me. Today I feel all over as if WNV and MG ganged up on me while I slept. I woke up hurting and I just keep getting weaker. My left eye is mostly closed.

When I was in high school and college, I had bursitis a lot. Other kids didn’t get bursitis, only old people. My left shoulder was often the site of bursitis attacks. Every once in awhile, joints all over my body feel too loose. Today is one of those days, especially my left shoulder and left knee. And dizzy! I am usually dizzy, but this is awful. My vision is double and blurry plus I feel some sort of sickness all through me. It sure reminds me of when I had acute WNV! The back of my head/upper neck is tighly swollen.


I wrote that much, got up and napped at least 4 hours. I thought I was better for the first few seconds of being awake. Then I put my nightgown on and OUCH! Yup…my shoulder still hurts. My whole left side hurts. Dang it. It was fun having a birthday party last night, though 🙂


It always comes as a shock to me to see how old and fat I am. Doesn’t help to be next to a young, fit guy 😛 Travis does triathlons. He also regularly donates plasma. I like to joke that I want IVIg made from his plasma so I could be super woman 🙂

If only I could get IVIg, I could feel alive again. Instead, I am stuck feeling like I am barely hanging on in Utah. It has been a whole year since my last infusion. My body is a painful blob without IVIg. Sigh….


I cooked one meal today. That’s enough. I was so weak that I was dropping everything and so dizzy that I am surprised that I did not collapse in the kitchen. I did come close to it. Ohhhh….speaking of food….I gave the eleven frozen Meals on Wheels lunches to Gordon. He was actually thankful for them.  The above brunch was eggs, potato, tomato, zucchini, sausage, onion and cheese (all free) with a sauce of sour cream, catsup, tomatillo salsa and green dragon hot sauce (maybe 15 cents). I had an orange (free) and called it supper.

All my life I have shied away from processed foods. I would eat some because they were free with double coupons, then remember how awful that food was and not touch it for awhile. Eating MoW made me feel perpetually yucky. I don’t do well with lots of preservatives and artificial flavors and otherwise strangely manipulated food. For the most part, I avoid that junk. So glad that chapter is over! When I leave here, I hope to try other senior center meals in other places. I suspect SLC meals are on the low end of the scale.

Still no wheelchair nut in the mail and no news….good or bad….about repairing my chair. Time to make more phone calls. My voice has been mostly broken, with times it sounds just fine. Frustrates me!

I keep meaning to mention my skin, since I want to keep track of symptoms. This has definitely never happened before. After I get hives and welts, the next day, my skin has fluidless bubbles all over. I itch them and my skin disintegrates. Freaky.

My arthritis has been getting worse daily. Now the bursitis is wicked painful. My head hurts, and I am weak and dizzy. I hate it when lots of problems ramp up at the same time. Ugh….two whole hours until my next Motrin!