I was reading news stories on Facebook and found one about Utah that I have heard nothing about on local news, so I looked it up. Only public radio had a short story. Utah wants to make welfare recipients take a self-reliance class to get more than 3 months of benefits. I think it’s not controversial here because it’s no secret that people who need any sort of personal financial help in Utah are looked down upon and the LDS church often teaches self-reliance classes as a requirement to get help from them. I took a many weeks long class in Florida. It was kinda creepy….less because of the church curriculum, but more because of the guy facilitating. He was sanctimonious and overbearing. That’s what I hate about begging or relying on charity. People then begin to feel that they own you and can then dictate every part of your life.

Most people in my financial bracket needing financial help are not spending their money unwisely to begin with…they just don’t have enough to cover food, rent, utilities and transportation….let alone “extras” like clothes, shoes, pet food, haircuts, etc. And stuff like cable, movies, rock concerts, eating out, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes? Who has money for those? There are people who are foolish, but the vast majority are not. All of us poor folks get lumped together and treated like the dumbest and most careless of the bunch. It gets old. It’s the people who have debt and credit cards that need budgeting classes. If I can live on $733/month…what’s your problem?

No sane person wants to be like me…trying to take public transportation, begging for supplemental food, relying on government health care, owning no clothes without holes, etc, etc. Many people who are trying to be on a higher rung up the ladder, do it with credit, not with income. Payday loans scare the crap out of me. I cannot imagine being stuck in that rut.

I follow a blogger who is always behind on the mortgage, yet gets coffee and other food when out, drinks alcohol, buys all sorts of doodads, blows money on vanity items and just generally fritters away money on non-essentials. Most people are their own worst enemies. To live within our means requires paying shelter costs first. I get soooooo frustrated by people who live here and then get kicked out because they didn’t pay rent first. With no vehicle and no apartment, all that’s left is the streets. Were those drugs or meals out really worth it? Fortunately most people live and learn.

Another pet peeve of mine is people who choose to have multiple pets, multiple hobbies, wardrobes for each activity and other perhaps nice, but unneccessary pursuits….and who then cry poor. No…..we can’t have it all. Pay for the must-haves like shelter and food, budget for everything else, save some money for emergencies and then, if there is money left over, spend it on wants. I think most people struggle with the difference between true needs and things that are just wants.

I have heard the criticisms all my life when I get what I want, rather than the bare necessities. Some things are worth spending the extra money on….like real food and quality goods. There comes a point when some products are worth spending a bit extra on. Just because I am poor does not mean I am willing to accept only substandard stuff the rest of my life. That gets some people riled up. Life is a constant tightrope between want/need, enough/too much. Just pay the rent or mortgage first!

I was reading various online budget programs today. Some boggled my mind with their complexity. I am glad my life isn’t that complicated. The one time I had a substantial amount of money, I had elaborate lists of how to invest it in home, food, tools, etc. A lot of good that did me. It was all obliterated because I trusted the wrong person. Seems to be a theme in my life. I’m glad I am no longer interested in men, except as friends. I get myself into too much trouble in relationships.

Today was a boring food day. I had the last of the pork roast with green dragon sauce, sour cream and cubes of my homemade bread in a bowl. For supper I had a can of chicken noodle soup mixed with a small can of chicken. I am still wicked bad dizzy. I did manage to clean out and reorganize my spice cabinets, though 🙂


If you look careful, there’s half an oval that is yellowy looking and inside the bowl is brighter. Without the flash, the yellow is blue. I have no idea what causes that, but the blue oval keeps happening.


My hand/wrist/forearm are swollen and sore. My shoulder still hurts. I took a pic, but I am not sure if you can see the lumps. I know where they are, so I see them. The back of my hand, about halfway up from my wrist and to my knuckles is very sore and swollen. Then there’s about a 6″ lump from near the wrist, towards my elbow. My thumb area in my palm is wicked, wicked painful 😦 The whole wrist is deeply painful. I took pics of the blue oval outline taking up my whole forearm, but the blue just doesn’t show.


Another thing that shows up without the flash is a red rash over the spots that hurt the most and are swollen. I need to learn how to take better pics!


I have been confused for a couple of days about why my lungs hurt so much and why my lymphs are swollen tight…and why my head hurts so bad. Aha! Tree pollen is very high and grass and mold is low. I can watch the tree buds popping from my chair.


Active Trees: Elm, Cedar, Cottonwood.