Friday’s grocery haul….

Smith’s: Coconut oil $4.99, 10 cans evaporated milk $1 each, 2 cans crema $1.49 each, 2 pkgs Mexican hot chocolate $2.50 each, 2 boxes unsweetened chocolate $2.50 each, Hershey’s syrup $4.99, cream cheese $1.25, chocolate bar FREE with coupon, Take 5 bar FREE with coupon, cherry/beet Greek yogurt FREE with coupon, breakfast sausage FREE with coupon, Rolo minis $3.49, 2 cottage cheese $1 each, 2 sour cream $1 each, 1 gallon milk $1.95, fresh pineapple .97, piñata apples $2.48, bag of red grapes $2.33, 5 limes $1, cilantro .50, mushrooms $1.49, 6 jalapeno peppers .51, bacon $2.99. $61.26

Trader Joe’s: 2 lbs sweet potatoes $1.79, Greek 5 cheese spiral $3.99, hashbrowns $1.99, Sriracha bbq sauce $2.99, 3 pkgs sweet corn tamales $2.49 each, 2 boxes cream $1.29, fig cookies $1.99, 2 bulbs garlic $1.29, 4 avocados $2.99, 2 jars Hatch chili sauce $2.79 each, 2 jars salsa verde $1.99 each. $36.79


It sure seems like my food money doesn’t go very far. Thank goodness I finally asked the church for help. As it always seems to happen after putting away a new batch of food, I am not very hungry. I made eggs and veggies for brunch. That’s it for today. It was made with eggs, onion, mushrooms, zucchini, tomato, cheese, with Sriracha sauce and salsa verde on the side.


My left side doesn’t hurt so much today. My hand and wrist are less swollen. Instead, it’s mostly numb and useless 😦 I never realize how often I use various parts of me until they don’t work. I have spent the whole day sitting here, doubled over. My guts hurt soooooo bad! Talk about worthless! My brain is checked out from misery overload. I did go out to fetch the mail. No nut.


The best thing today? The forsythia bush near my window is turning yellow 🙂 Once the temperatures got warm, spring really sprung. Olive just wouldn’t hold still for a photo shoot today. The forsythia and budding trees are near her butt.