Tamale brunch…one sweet corn tamale $1.25, 1/2 avocado .37, sour cream .20, Hatch chile salsa .25, tomato (free)….$2.07.

Very gray morning, bits of sunshine, record breaking high temperatures, straight down heavy rain, high winds, thunder, slanting, blowing rain, crunchy precipitation and later tonight, that four letter word…snow. Geeze!


The hail started right at 4:30. My arm/wrist/hand swelled up and hurt wicked bad right at 5 PM. Pain level: tears. At 5:15, the shoulder started hurting. Pain level: sobs. What the heck?

It’s been difficult to breathe all day. My ears itch on the inside and sometimes I have to open my mouth way up to make them pop. From time to time, I can feel fluid run out and down my throat. Not loving allergy season.


Big lightning. Big thunder. The rain is blowing in from west to east…plus north to south, covering my windows. That means the community room is leaking rain through the decorative doors. The TV weather says heavy rain….so heavy that rivers are running down city streets. Low tonight near freezing. Snow for sure in the mountains, maybe in the valley.

Supper…2 franks (free), Carolina bbq sauce .15, 2 cut down potato rolls (free). Fifteen cents for supper.

Not feeling like writing too much when my arm hurts like this. See ya!