I am very glad I chose to go get my mail soon after 4 PM! While I was in the lobby, talking to people, a resident here was going down the road between us and the parking garage. She hit the curb, went across the grass and wiped out a section of sturdy white fence. It ripped part of the bumper off. She continued up on the curb, hopped off and parked in the spot closest to the lobby door. Then she went to her apartment!


If I had been sitting in my not so comfy chair, it would have scared the beejeepers out of me. She broke the fence closest to my apartment. Soon after I got back to my place, the cops showed up….then the crime scene unit came. They took dozens of pictures and have been here for hours.

Apparently the woman is quite the druggy. I don’t know her, but a few days ago, she acted like my long lost best friend. Sooooooo confused! She hangs out with the crazy/druggy bunch.

This is getting scary. A firetruck just left and it sounded like an ambulance, too. Is the woman alive? And the crime scene cop car has not moved for hours. It’s hard to see outside now because it’s very dark. When stuff like this happens where you live….it would be nice to at least know what’s going on. I want to escape from here pretty darn bad. Risky business living in low income housing in a big city. Shudder….


OK…how about my normal, abnormal life? I started the day with pumpkin waffles, butter and maple syrup. All ingredients free except cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.

After cooking and eating, my whole right side hurt wicked, wicked bad 😦 I set my alarm and crawled in bed. The internet had quit working while I was eating. I called Comcast and was told there was an outage and it would not be fixed until late afternoon. I tried to fall asleep, but the pain would not let me. Then the phone buzzed. It was a message from Comcast saying that service had been restored. The hour or so in bed at least rested my arm.

I had got a call yesterday saying my shrink wanted to make up his missed appointment today, so I never did get a chance to go anywhere. We spent most of our time talking state, federal and LDS politics. I feel more like his counselor than the other way around. Whatever it is we are doing every 2 or 3 weeks, it’s fun to talk.

For fun, all I had for supper was 2 franks, a roll and some Carolina bbq sauce. Tonight I had my free Moonstruck candy bar. Wow! It was good 🙂 Comes from Portland, Oregon. I ate way too many carbs today 😮 Who needs fruits and vegetables? Bad Wendy! I do crazy things when I am in pain.