I was bummed that I didn’t see much or get to take plant pics yesterday. When the internet quit working again, I decided to go to the park. It was sunny…and warm in the sun. At first, I was too hot šŸ˜›



Look close. Do you see the person showing off for the camera? Hint…look for feet where you wouldn’t expect them šŸ™‚

I heard live music and headed over. It was an event for CureSMA. I stopped a woman to ask what SMA was. Not a good disease! She randomly gave me two bananas.


By the time I got to the goose, duck and seagull convention, the sun had mostly disappeared and the wind picked up.



My left hand got cold when the sun went away and the wind blew. It hurts soooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!! Very swollen up. My knuckles are so swollen that the little finger and thumb are sort of disappearing underneath. I can’t take this much longer šŸ˜¦

LookingAtYouĀ I was being spied on šŸ™‚