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This map shows who has the most and least derogatory tweets….in this case, against women. NH is high, VT is low.

Vermont and New Hampshire are the yin and yang of New England. I wrote that and wondered if it had already been said. I like this article 🙂

This page of maps summarize why I would never consider moving to NH. It’s a Republican state, with a very different attitude about life. NH also has what goes with that political choice….they have lots more pollution.

What I am looking for is to once again live among sane people. Every place has a vibe. The Vermont vibe is more my thing. That’s why once I experienced it in the 70’s, I pulled up stakes in NY and relocated across Lake Champlain. Rural Vermont was more like the NY of my youth, but even better…simpler and more peaceful.

This is an interesting article from 2012, talking about the politics of Vermont. I agree with most of it, but the split in the Democratic party is very evident in VT right now. Bernie represents the progressive and socialist Democrats, while former Governor Howard Dean represents the sold-out part of the Democrats. Personally, I am disgusted by who Dean has become 😦

In 2008, I moved to the NY Adirondack Mountains to be closer to both Vermont and family. The Adirondacks were beautiful 🙂 Too bad health care was so hard to get. I had a hospital not too far away, but not a neurologist. I had to go back to Vermont to find a neuro who was familiar with myasthenia gravis, and willing to treat me. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have just moved back to Vermont. It would have been simpler.

It sucks to be so poor and have a rare disease. The older I get, the more I understand that. I kept thinking that any place would do…that if I could get into housing, everything else would work out. That keeps being proven to be various shades of true….and very, very wrong. My anxiety about finding good healthcare is through the roof 😦

I am uptight about finding the next right city and state to get IVIg’s and to better manage myasthenia gravis. I am also very worried about my humongous incisional hernia. The more it hangs down, the less well my intestines work. If I did not take Miralax and stool softeners, I might never “go” again 😦 I can’t afford to buy the darned stuff. Talk about despair 😦 Of course I do not trust the surgeons/gut doc here. They gave up on me when the hernia was still tiny. Now it’s huge. Is there really nothing to be done but wait for it to burst?

I feel like monkey in the middle as some docs care and others don’t about their concerns that I have some rare form of arthritis and that I have an atypical MS and/or CIDP. I wish they would quit arguing amongst themselves and just figure it out. The problem is that my insurance doesn’t want to fix anything. They either want me to die or disappear. I used to get mad at my neighbor with CIDP. I did not understand why he gave up trying to get IVIg and other care. Now I do. The whole thing takes an enormous toll on brain and body. It seems futile. Most of the women I know with MG either move or go a long way for care….and they have better insurance. I have to keep reminding myself that at least I am getting Mestinon… could be worse!

Has this country really always been the very fractured and loose United States? Has nothing changed since the Civil War? Some states are not shy in blatantly trying to control people of color, immigrants and women, among others. For all their bluster about smaller government, what Republicans really mean is that public functions are farmed out to private businesses….who take off a thick layer of profits and deliver little.

Last year, it was voted to move the Utah state prison from Draper to near Salt Lake City…out in the wetlands by the airport. That way, private developers can get their hands on high value land in Draper, and build expensive shops and housing on it. It’s not cheap to build a new complex and tear down an old one. You can bet that the place the new prison will be built is owned by someone with political pull….like the Rio Tinto mine and somebody who owns vineyards in CA.

I don’t have to go far to find corruption. I went out to get my mail and the manager started to tease me. I stopped and asked him what caused the power outage. He didn’t know and said he meant to call Rocky Mountin Power and ask. I told him I texted him because the RA had flippantly told me she had “not even bothered” to call RMP to report the outage. I told him that the regular lights never went off in the hallway and the emergency lights did not come on. He said they needed to check the emergency lights. I again explained it was not the usual sort of outage because all the power did not go off for my wing. I’m not so sure he grasped that. He said the RA had told him she called RMP. I told him she only called an hour later when I convinced her the problem was only here….nowhere else in the neighborhood. I got tired of the skepticism, burst into tears and left, but not before giving him my opinion about the RA.

I had already burst into tears several times this afternoon…just from reading obnoxious news stories. Not a good time to go out and talk to anyone! I feel very stuck here. It doesn’t help that the weather has turned nasty. It seems like most months, the weather gets yucky right when SNAP benefits are authorized. Figures.

I am messed up from daylight savings. My sleep has been screwed up. I went back to bed at 9 AM, in the spirit of National Napping Day. I slept until around 1 PM when my phone rang. I was really miffed that no message was left! I had a hard time waking up. Feeling groggy. My body has been through a lot. Sleeping was more like passing out.

The nearby mountains are expecting 1 to 3 feet of new snow from this storm! When I woke up early this morning, temps were in the 50’s. I kept my eyes on the mountains to the east because I wanted to watch the sun come up again. Nothing was happening 😦 Pretty soon, the sky to the west was light. That’s when I realized the eastern mountains were covered by clouds as black as they could be. After another hour, those clouds blew away and the temperature plummeted. Then there was rain. It tried to snow a few times. Tonight the snow hit here in the valley. It’s so heavy that lights from downtown are swallowed up. The snow is sticking. Sigh…..the flowers are saying brrrrrrrrrrrrr……