This is day 2 of blissful sleep interrupted by a phone call. Time to turn off my phone when sleeping! I was awake 4 hours in the middle of the night and went back to bed before the sun came up. This time it was a wrong number. I should not be allowed to listen to voicemails when groggy. It was someplace wanting to serve papers on a woman I never heard of. I erased it. Now I wish I could hear it again.

Once I opened the blinds, I watched snow fall in slow motion….a flake here, a flake there. The sky is solidly overcast and it’s a gloomy day. Yuck. This weather zaps any shred of energy I might have had. I wish I had a project to get lost in.

Well, I found my project. It’s a work in progress. I started by copying what I wrote about the root cellar from the old website. Then I just mostly added random pictures. This is where I (we) lived for 18 years.