The forecast was for clear skies and sun. Most of the day it was cloudy and gloomy, with a few hours of partial sun. It was also colder than I expected. Is that why I hurt so much? Geeze…I am very weak, dizzy and hurt in every muscle and joint. The good news is that my left arm and hand are better….mostly, sort of 🙂

Breathing has been worse than during temperature inversions. It’s the pollen and mold in the air, along with serious edema. I have been wheezing and choking…which in turn, hurts my hernia 😦 My lungs have extra fluid in them that I can hear and feel. The veins in my neck feel popped out and they hurt. Been there, done that, in the old days of congestive heart failure. Also my legs have major pitting edema. I need to go buy a whole watermelon and eat it. That used to work. There are too many elephants to count on my chest. When I take a deep breath, I start coughing. I wish my doc appointment had not been cancelled.

The night sweats are ramping up again. And I have chills every afternoon, then am burning up by evening. This gets very, very old! The same cycles over and over and over again. I am sitting here at 9 PM with the heat off and the fan pointed at me. It helped to have been working on computer projects the last 3 days, but nothing is enough to take my mind off of how yucky I feel.

Oh, ugh! Trump will be here tomorrow. I need to stay away from Rancho Market. It’s near where Trump will be. Cruz, Kasich and Bernie will also be in town. Lots of talk about what a nightmare it is for local police. I wish I felt like seeing Bernie or going grocery shopping.

I spent much of today putting together a page of van pics. I am not even close to being done or publishing it. I also added a bunch of free pdf cookbooks and a few web pages to the bottom of the Backpacking/Camping Recipes page. I did it for the same reason I started my first ever website. I got tired of answering the same questions over and over again. I also put the narrative about Peace and Carrots Farm on the top of the pic page. I will probably mess with those pages “forever”. They are all listed at the top of my blog’s main page.

Dang, 11 PM and I am still burning up and choking. Sigh….