I was in tough shape all morning, but felt well enough to go shopping in the afternoon. I took TRAX for the first time in months. First I went to Great Clips and got a long desired haircut. Only $2 out of pocket. Next I shopped at Trader Joe’s, then Smith’s. I discovered something new to me! I did not know that TJ’s sells acidophilus and probiotics tabs. They are the cheapest ones I have ever seen at $5.99. I hope they work. My guts never feel OK….and have been worse since I ran out of probiotics.

It never fails. It seems like I don’t buy much food, but the money quickly vaporizes. $30.56 at TJ’s for bananas, tamales, spanakopita, 5 cheese Greek spiral, butter, avocados, frozen blueberries, tomatoes, dates, and pesto. And then I spent $35.79 at Smith’s, for evaporated milk, cream cheese, shredded Mexican cheese, gallon of milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, fresh blackberries and blueberries, a chicken pot pie, mushrooms, jalapeno peppers, bacon and sausage.

On my way home, I saw lots of daffodils, tulips, pansies, purple violets, dandelions, hyacinths, snow drops and other pretty flowers. I did not take pictures because I was on a mission to hurry up and get to the bathroom. I think my guts need jiggling around in order to work better. I missed that benefit after a couple of months of just sitting here like a lump.

Even though I wore my windbreaker shell, I can feel sunburn all over me. My skin stings. I wore sunglasses, but have a debilitatng headache. I had a glass of chocolate milk to stave off the inevitable dehydration, but….after all that hand swelling recently…now pinching the top of my hands leaves sharp creases. My body needs reprogramming. It needs to quit storing fluid where it doesn’t belong so the stupid dehydration does not get so intense.


I noticed a large percent of the population out shopping today were busy blowing their noses. Pollen has been getting a bunch of us. The flowers are nice….but the pollen sucks. My lungs are still congested.

By the time I got home, I was 2 hours late for Mestinon. I forgot all about it without Olive to remind me. I remembered real quick once I got out of the power chair and put away some of the groceries. Dang! The first few seconds of not being able to lift my arms and legs always confuses me. Then I remember….duh, I have myasthenia gravis.


Speaking of hot and cold, I have been frozen for hours. I had to keep rubbing my icy feet and hands. Then in seconds, I went from cold to super hot. I had to poor water over my head and sit in front of the fan. My body is nutso. The blankety blanking hand arthritis hurts like heck. Never a dull moment when living in my body. How about a day when I feel too good? 🙂

I am sooooooo tired of hearing about all the Utah political rallies yesterday and today! TV is infested with basketball games and political news. It’s not fair. Republicans get to vote online. Democrats have to show up at a caucus. I am supposed to go to a scary part of town that has no direct public transportation option.


Not the sort of evening to spend an hour getting there and an hour coming home while in an electrified wheelchair with one bald tire. And the kicker? It’s only 3.2 miles, or 9 minutes by car. Sometimes I really, really, really hate needing a chair 😦

That reminds me…the woman who cut my hair did not know any presidential candidates had been here or were here today. Utah has a very low turnout for any elections. Not too many political brain cells amongst the whole lot. Makes me sick. I will be glad when the elections are over. Today most of the TV ads have been for Ted Cruz…since he was in Utah today. If faces/eyes are a window to the soul, I think he is missing one.