Interesting story in the BYU newspaper. It probably made a few parents apoplectic 🙂

He (Sanders), said his campaign is listening to the youth, African American, Latino, Native American, senior and disabled veteran communities in order to pinpoint the real changes that need to be made in the country.

His desire to address these real problems, however, has led to something profound. “We’re doing something very radical in American politics,” Sanders said. “We’re telling the truth.”

I grew up with a father into the John Birch Society. I had to listen to racist, sexist, and angry rants. It was enough to make me go the other way. I watched my father’s anger and hatred eat up his guts. He mellowed out after a 2 year hospitalization, but he died at 55.  As a kid, I always saw him with his fists clenched and the red rising up his neck. He used me as a punching bag to take out his frustrations. It was a terrifying way to grow up.

People like Cruz and Trump trigger my PTSD. I feel sick to my stomach and on high alert. Why anyone would want to live in hate is beyond me. If something is wrong, fix it! Plenty is wrong in the economic and social justice life of average Americans….I totally get that. All Republicans are doing is getting people riled up about it. What they plan on doing….and what they say they are going to do, will make the average American’s life much worse. People get hung up on the pleasure of angry rhetoric and forget to listen to and care about the fine print.

Being angry and concerned is one step. It should push us to the next one, which is constructive action. As my favorite saying goes….any idiot can be angry….what matters is doing something. Way too many people rail against “society”, saying society made them make bad choices and be enslaved to job/mortgage/eternal debt and never ending work hours. No….society didn’t do that….you just took the path of least resistance, along with the crowd. That’s why one of my favorite books ever is Hope For The Flowers. Don’t follow the herd. Don’t just rail against things. Find your passions and run towards them! Think about how you would rather be living…and do it! It’s up to each of us to make informed and cognizant decisions. That has nothing to do with being perfect. Life should be a series of trials and errors. If you are too afraid you will make mistakes, you just don’t get anywhere. Better to blunder and learn and move on. To get a life on your own terms, do not check out and let things happen….make them happen.


Oh, my gosh! Part of my faith in the people of Utah has been restored! I hope the headline is true 🙂 Makes me realize I have not bought a Sunday paper in years.


Deseret News


Cool! At 1:30, I got an announcement that Bernie will be here for a rally on Monday. I can easily get there by TRAX, it’s only 2.3 miles away and it’s supposed to be a nice day. The forecast is for 70, but wind and rain in the evening. I just might go. It depends on how well/sick, strong/weak I feel tomorrow. Oh….who am I kidding? I felt like crap all day today and I hate crowds.

I was watching some program meant to be instructional and inspirational, then I skimmed FB. All of the sudden, I started crying and could not stop. It hit me hard that I am old and alone. What good was it to try to be good all this time? Am I just a chump? People with money and power are in a whole different world than me. Rules are more for the poor than the rich. I am really tired of hearing about all the things that are “beneath” some people of priviledge. It’s been a day of listening to crazy complaints from people online. Let me know if you have some real problems and need help.

Ironically, I was watching a PBS special about Disney that depressed me even more. Disney thought it was great to have tons of money. He wasn’t willing to share profits with the very people who made all his money for him. One day a woman fainted from malnutition because she did not have enough money to take care of all the needs of herself and her children. That’s when workers overwhelmingly voted to join a union. People woke up and clearly saw their oppression. Disney had no concept of how difficult the lives were of his lowest paid workers. That’s how it has been since time immemorial.

Thankfully I don’t really know what it’s like to be much worse off than me. I could be paralyzed or missing limbs or left to die on an ice floe, stuck on a sidewalk to beg for food, with no shelter, or totally penniless. It could be a lot worse. What bugs me is that I supposedly live in one of the richest countries in the world, yet live on a pittance. Most civilized countries have more respect for seniors and disabled people. It’s a dysfunctional world where huge corporations are supported by taxpayers and there’s “no money left” for people who need it to survive. Big wars, big pharma, big ag…nobody has them take a drug test before getting $91/month to eat. Yup….very different rules for different socio-economic rungs of the ladder….and way too many people just accept that 😮

This weekend I had a front row seat to an abundance of first world problems. I got tired of it. I suppose we all wish we were one or more rungs up the ladder. Probably people with less money and mobility than me are tired of my whining. I wish things were easier for those of us who struggle…whatever the challenge.

Hmmm…as I wrote that, a cop car drove up and spoke through a PA system. There have been several homeless people living in the corner of the parking garage since Friday. I keep wondering where/how they pee and poop? Eeew. The cop said something I could not understand while driving forwards and backwards…then he took off. Perhaps they are packing up? They are moving stuff around. The strip of grass alongside the parking garage almost always has homeless people once it warms up. You can’t go anywhere in this city without bumping into lots and lots of the homeless. Usually they are not so bold as to camp inside. I am very grateful that I am not and have never been, that sort of homeless. A few hours later and the homeless people are still there. I wonder what that was all about?

You know what’s interesting? For the past several days of extra weakness…without fail, Olive tells me it’s time to take meds 45 minutes early. I am convinced she senses my pain, weakness and that I am struggling to breathe. Smart cat. I wish she knew how to make me better!

I tried to add pics for the last hour, but WordPress is not working. Another day, I guess…..