Last night I slept 12 hours! I woke up a few times to pee and woke up to take meds….but I finally slept a decent amount. What a relief. I still don’t feel well, but I feel better than awful:-)

Let’s see if I can catch up on meal pics. I don’t always remember to take pictures, but have a few. It’s easy to tell which 2 meals are from after I went grocery shopping. The avocados and tomatoes give them away. I wish I could always afford to buy good veggies! If I have $2.94/day to spend, even with all the free food, it’s hard to eat well for 98 cents a meal….actually much less because the $2.94/day has to include any beverages and snacks. Frustrates the heck out of me!


Hashbrowns (.38), eggs (free), sausage (free), onion (free), zucchini (free), Swiss cheese (.40), salsa (free)…for 78 cents.


Hamburger (free), bun (free), onion (free), mushrooms (.37) , peppers (.42) , ketchup (.05), 2 little tomatoes (.54) , half an avocado (.37)….$1.75 total


Sweet potato (.45), eggs (free), onion (free), sausage (free), zucchini (free), salsa (free)….45 cents!


It’s just 2 pieces of bread (free) with butter (free) in the middle, put in the waffle maker.


Sweet corn tamale ($1.25), sour cream (free), Hatch chile sauce (.47)…for a total of $1.72


Chicken and green chile tamale ($1.25), 2 tomatoes (.54), half an avocado (.37), sour cream (.20), Hatch chile salsa (.47)…for a total of $2.83

A knock on the door late this afternoon was the mail woman. She brought me one big bottle of Miralax. Thank you mystery gift person 🙂 Yesterday I spilled maybe half a teaspoon of what I had left in my last bottle and about had a panic attack. I am always grateful for Miralax. Can’t live without the stuff!

I did very little today. I hand washed undies and I fixed 2 meals (tamale breakfast, burger supper). Well, I petted the cat 🙂 I even managed to miss the evening news, so I did not see any Bernie footage. I went out to get my mail when the news was on. I ended up talking to a few people before coming back to my apartment. For the late news, I spaced out and missed that, too!

I was sad to hear that a guy who has been in this apartment building for at least a year, had a mental breakdown. He ran around the hallways naked and was taken away in an ambulance. Must be embarassing once your brain works again 😮

Olive keeps telling me I should take meds at 10:30. I honestly forgot when I took them last. My mind is quite blank. Since she has been alerting me 45 minutes early, I will take them at 11 and figure that’s close enough one way or the other.

The homeless people showed up again during the day and got shooed out of the parking garage. Now they are back inside, acting weird and being unnaturally hyper. Olive is keeping an eye on them.