Today I buckled down and called a bunch of doctor’s offices to make appointments that I have been avoiding. I was supposed to see the sleep doc in February and was supposed to get my port flushed last week. I asked for a podiatrist appointment, but they have not gotten back to me. I paid the rent and internet and went to the bank for cash.

Went to the cancer center for the port flush. What a relief to get there with my own power chair! I had forgotten about last time until the nurse reminded me. I thought about getting a snack in the hospital cafeteria, but it’s not that cheap. I decided to go get a fish taco at Rubio’s. I was told they had good fish tacos. I got a fish taco especial for $3.69. I wasn’t impressed. The rancid grease it was fried in was overpowering. Yuck. I still like my cooking better than most. I am spoiled.

Another mistake I repeatedly make is to go to Sprouts. I got $12 worth of fruits and vegetables. It’s too far off the beaten path in a wheelchair. I would rather pay a bit extra and go to Trader Joe’s and Smith’s, which are directly off the TRAX line. I was excited to see real looking strawberries at Sprouts today 🙂

Another $12 spent at Trader Joe’s and that was the end of my SNAP $$. Then over to Smith’s for tissues and milk…plus I had coupons good for free Doritos Mix, free Welch’s Essence water and free Iams hairball formula cat treats. Olive was excited -) She tried breaking into the bag several times now.

I never remember. The sun got to me….not while I was out, but now that I am home. Duh! My lupus sores were just getting better from the last time. Why do I always forget??? Now my skin is all tingly and the fire is building. I bet I will have night sweats, too. Sigh….

Oh, oh…I have been in increasing pain and am weaker and weaker this evening. All of the sudden, I went from happy to depressed. This is definitely biochemical. I wonder what’s up with this new trend? It feels icky 😦

I was thinking about my TRAX trips today. On the way up to the hospital, there was a naked guy out on his porch. As the train went by, he went inside. On the way home, the train quit working. We were all told to get off, cross the tracks and get on a train that had been parked at the end of the line. The next train coming in had to wait until we left, to let off passengers, as there was no place for them to go. Some drunk guy loudly told us all how much he hated TRAX and that it was not well rated.

I just realized that my affordable internet ends next month. Crap. I thought I would be gone by now. I don’t even want to think about still living in SLC or what I will do about internet. No wonder I am depressed.

Let’s pile on more gloom. Yesterday the newly reformed Rehab Medical guy said he would be at my apartment either yesterday or today. Guess who did not call or come over? Yes, just about everything that cheers me up turns out to be too good to be true. But….my port is flushed!

While out and about, I kept thinking that all the moving around was irritating my formerly swollen left hand and arm. Tonight I am sure. Dang it! And my back hurts….low down in the middle. I have quite the pain in the neck/upper back, too. Somehow I need to get stronger again. Sigh…