Ugh. Two hours sleep. I woke up feeling very sick to my stomach. I hurt straight through from guts to back. After sitting in front of the full blast fan and drinking water for an hour, the part of my back that had hurt during the day, was now intensely itchy. When I itched my back, I broke out into hives from the waist down. My legs and feet were almost unbearable with itchy fire. After maybe 15 minutes, the itchiness turned into numb and tingly. It’s wreaking havock with my guts 😦 What the heck is wrong now???

Each time I give in and itch, the hives come back and the worst fiery itchiness goes down my legs to my feet. It’s like rolling in fiberglass insulation, then jumping in and out of a blazing fire. It does not matter if I use fingernails, the palm of my hand or my fist to rub my back…same results. Ack!!!!! The same thing, but on a slightly less intense scale, is happening with my neck, upper back. It itches and then turns to hot hives.

I went back to bed and slept a few more hours and then spent the morning haunting the bathroom. I could not bear to eat.


Thank you NPR! This is what I have been talking about. There’s no way all the people with incomes like mine can afford somewhere to live. In A High-Rent World, Affordable And Safe Housing Is Hard To Come By

I have double negative myasthenia gravis. I got lucky with the eye doc and neuro who diagnosed me. They were both knowlegeable about MG. My next 2 neuros in VT and FL were among the best MG docs in the country. They did not make a big deal out of me being double negative. The neuro rated great in AZ was the same. Then I moved to Utah 😦 I am glad the woman in the following story got a good doc! Medical College of Georgia doctors look at new antibodies in muscle weakness mystery

I was reading random stories and stumbled on this. 10 Disgustingfacts About Utah You Would Be Better Off Not Knowing. I think you have heard most of them from me 😛

There are sometimes redeeming features in Utah. Today’s beauty and nice weather are high on my list 🙂


This morning I watched LDS General Conference on TV. Then I decided to go to Temple Square and take pictures. Oh, my gosh, I took 101 pics. That’s fodder for a few posts. There were thousands of people wandering around! I went in the visitor center after my first loop around. I needed respite from the hordes. I took lots of pics. Heard bagpipes on the west side of the square and popped out on the sidewalk to look. Someone yelled Wendy! Scared the heck out of me. It was the missionary who baptized me in Vermont. I had been thinking about him and his wife…and there they were. Shivers…. Cool 🙂

The flowers all around the grounds were absolutely gorgeous. Made me happy 🙂

I had felt horrible all morning. By noon I was energized. I did pretty well zooming around for a couple of hours…and then promptly felt awful. I was glad to come home. Right now all of SLC is beautiful. The trees outside my window bloomed overnight. The whole city is covered in blossoms 🙂