I think today’s symptoms are related to my numb, itchy sensations from my spine, down my legs and then my neck, down my arms. When I woke up at 4:30 this morning, two of my toes on my right foot were numb, tingly and itchy. It hurt to stand on them. When I woke up at 8 AM, my index and ring finger were cold and numb…so was the inside part of my arm, but not the outside. Since I have been awake, the numbness, tingling and cold has moved up the right side of my face. It feels fat….like when you get novacaine and it’s wearing off. I have been here, done that. Each time this stuff happens, the neuro thinks I have MS and/or CIDP. And now I don’t even have a neurologist.

Now it’s late afternoon. Most of the coldness is gone, but there is still numbness and tingling. Scary stuff. It has been a beautiful day! I spent it inside, but with the window wide open. I watched the first 2 hours of general conference, napped 2 hours, then the last 2 hours of conference. My favorite talk of the weekend was by Elder Dale G. Renlund. He is one of the newest of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

I don’t feel very well today. Of course I overdid it yesterday. I wish I din’t always have to pay for enjoying myself. I am glad I got to take so many pictures.