I started from uphill and went down a series of steep ramps, into the park. The park was made up of concrete encased waterways. There were islands and bridges. At the end, City Creek goes underground.

Across the street, there is a mall called City Creek Center. Water runs through it. I am not sure if it’s for real, the same creek, but here’s where it starts at the mall. (Nope, a fake creek)

Here’s a gritty version of what City Creek Center is all about. It’s not the sort of place I would go to buy anything…..although I have been to the Apple store and Deseret Books.

I was awake half of the night, hopping around in my sleep and then when awake from the zapping of myoclonic jerks, numbness and tingling. I hate that 😦 While needing something to distract me, I added the above pics. I feel horrible today. This is the third day in a row that I did not want to eat. I just feel sick and icky from head to toes. I made myself drink a big glass of chocolate milk because I can feel me going into dehydration. My head hurts wicked bad!

I found this article on Facebook. New Research Finds Financial Hardship Causes Actual Physical Pain. No fooling. When you don’t have much money, the biggest thing on the mind is how to juggle everything. I want to eat good food. I want to buy new shoes. I would like some skirts not riddled with holes. I want to move. And a billion other things I don’t want to think or talk about 😦 It drags a person down.

I got a call from my internist’s office this morning. They wanted to know if I was trying to get a new wheelchair. I said no….I wanted mine fixed. I said I would have to call them back. Then I called Rehab Medical and left a message asking what the heck they are doing? I asked them to send the paperwork to the doc a block from me. Of course, Jimmy has not called back hours later.

Then just now I got a call from Medsource. The guy lost my insurance card….meaning he never dealt with it last week. I forwarded it to him from the same email I sent it to first. He mumbled a lot. You know what? Sometimes I just hate everybody. Promises upon promises and no action. Geeze, the guy just called back for my SS#. It has been the same old run-around since February. I called Rehab Medical again. He finally called me back. I sent an email to the GP doc’s office to make sure they got the fax. Blah, blah, blah, blah…….

Temps were in the 70’s here this morning. Then it got cloudy. Then around 2:30, it started raining and temperatures are dropping. Tuesday is only supposed to be 50’s. More spring crazy weather. There might even be hail and snow. Yikes! Now there’s thunder and lightning…deep rumbly thunder. I guess I had better close the window 😛


This is me trying to arch my eyebrows way up to get my lids open. Hah. That wore me out, so now I am weaker. Olive is even more wiped out than me!

The calls keep coming. I hate the system I am stuck in. I have close to zero energy today. Each time I get up to pee or get another glass of water, I can barely hold myself up with my walker. Instantly, my eyes snap shut. I am quite short of breath and it’s impossible to take a deep breath. My MG feels like gravity got turned way, way up. My head is all wobbly on my neck. I feel like yuck. I wish there was a way to hide from the world when I feel like this. Sooooooo much weakness and pain!

Another interesting post just popped up. Good Books on Poverty in America. I wish I had enough energy to read them. I feel defeated today. Blah………