I did not give it much thought. The fasciculations have been happening more and more often. I remember thinking, huh…that hasn’t happened for awhile. Sometimes fasciculations are like a flutter, sometimes they are like a muscle stuck “on”. The muscle methodically fires over and over and over again for no good reason.

Early this morning, I was blissfully asleep…and then I was awake and in pure agony, with my heart pounding. The cramps are back. My hand went into a clenched claw in my sleep. I woke up frantically trying to flatten my hand out with my other hand. It took many attempts to finally get it flat. The pain from that is unbelievable.

Now that I am awake, the pain lingers. All the tendons and ligaments on my left side are traumatized. They especially hurt up into my shoulder and neck. My left hand hurts from muscles, tendons and ligaments being forced into unnatural positions. Ugh! I guess it’s official…the cramp/fasciculation syndrome that my doc called neuromyotonia, is back. In hindsight, it is easy to see that it has been slowly unfolding for awhile. Of course, what makes it better is IVIg.

I would scream if I had enough strength. Instead, I went back to bed and slept off the worst of the pain and weakness. When I woke up, this was one of the first articles I read. Although I have Sjogren’s, I would label this autoimmune fatigue. It happens to most people with various sorts of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, MG, etc. It’s much of the story of my life. I am always amazed that people don’t feel like that! It’s hard to imagine.

Today’s MG Google Alert is close to my heart. I wish I could get tested for the other myasthenia gravis antibodies.

Here we go again. Another gas leak in SLC. They say 12 or 13 buildings were evacuated. It’s 5 blocks from me. I want to know what’s going on next door? Some sort of crew has been working on my street last week and this week. Lots of gigantic orange wire or tubing on a big wheel. They already put in Google cable. Maybe now from the street to the building? And at Kennecott mine, they had yet another landslide. Which reminds me…the whacko FLDS leader is predicting tomorrow is Armageddon. The leader’s bro is going to be in court tomorrow, a few blocks from me in SLC. The leader is predicting buildings will be ripped apart so that the bros in TX and UT can go free. Well…..we are due for a big earthquake. Let me out of this nut house!!!!!

Actually, right now, it’s beautiful outside…blue sky and sunshine…a big contrast from last night at this time. Yesterday I jumped up to take pics because the sky was dark, but the sun’s last hurrah lit up the flowering trees.