This morning I took my meds…and then life got hectic. I used rice left over from last night’s supper and made it into rice pudding. Yummy  🙂 Soon after, the Medsource wheelchair guy called and asked if he could come over. He was here a long time. My voice was all uh…uh…uh. At one point when he could not understand me, I said watch this. I lifted my eyelid and could speak perfectly. The problem with that is I then get wicked, wicked dizzy….and then my voice gets even worse than before. But it was fun to watch his face 🙂

By afternoon, I was getting antsy. I wanted to go to Rancho Market to buy some fruits and vegetables. I took off towards TRAX. As I was crossing busy State Street, my phone rang. I almost didn’t answer. It was the wheelchair guy. He wanted the serial # on my wheelchair. I told him where I was and he found me. Every time I talk to the guy, I find even more in common with him. He said Rancho is his favorite store.

I got off TRAX and Rancho is right there. Nice to be back  🙂 I spent $24.70 Some highlights are a whole watermelon for $2.78, a cantaloupe for $1.24, 8 Roma tomatoes for $1.54, 8 cluster tomatoes for $2.30, 6 large avocados at 50 cents each and a bag of red grapes for $2.10. Part of me wanted to get on a different TRAX line and go to Smith’s for milk and toilet papaer, but I knew I did not have enough energy left.

Got home and saw my cellphone blinking. I rarely hear it ring out in public. The wheelchair guy wanted to know how much I weigh. I just love spreading that info around  😛 I emailed him. My voice is toast.


Last night I cooked up a piece of salmon. I cut it into 3 pieces and ate one slab yesterday. Tonight I made a new pot of rice and fried up onion, zucchini, half a gold pepper, half an orange pepper, 3 tomatoes, and added rosemary seasoning. Made a good supper  🙂 I put two thirds of the vegetable medley in the fridge for other meals.


I was having a very tough time standing up to cut veggies and cook. I kept wondering why I was so darn weak. That’s when I realized….DUH!!!!!….I had not taken Mestinon in at least 12 hours. Geeze! Four hours later and I am still suffering from falling behind in meds. I hate it when I do dumb things  😦


I haven’t posted food pics in awhile. Here are a few. Many meals look the same. The only difference being the plate, or what color the sauce is. I ate lots more toasted cheese and toasted ham & cheese sandwiches than pictured, and I have been on a tamale kick. Many meals I only think of photographing when it’s too late and already eaten.