I can see better today. It must have helped to be more vigilant about using my eye drops. Duh. I spent the morning looking up interesting places to camp. I bumped into one near the GA/FL border that blew me away! It’s a military base campground that has been opened to the public. Grassy Pond Recreation Area in Georgia. The tent area includes water and electric for $40/week or $130/month. Wow! Places like that would be perfect for me to stay and plug in my medical devices. I always carry some sort of tent to put up. Thanks to that listing, I found a bunch of places like that, open to the public, for bargain prices. Most cheap camping (like in federal and state parks) does not include electricity.

While lusting after a Whynter freezer/fridge, I noticed the Amazon Dash Button. Have you seen that??? A whole other planet than me. Watch the video. People mindlessly reach for shelf stable products until one day, they are gone! Sob, sob. Then you just push the button and a couple of days later, toilet paper is delivered to your door. Interesting concept. My problem is way more than just forgetting to buy something, I don’t have the money to buy toilet paper just because I want to. I see these have been around a year. I am so clueless.

By afternoon, I felt like total crap. Daily, I have been getting more and more out of breath. Edema always goes to my lungs. Right now tree pollen is very high, so that doesn’t help. And yet another mysterious cycle is playing out. I went back to bed because my neck veins hurt….a lot! When I am not getting enough oxygen, that’s what happens. I forgot about the pain until I had been awake about half an hour. Now the old familiar clavicle pain is back to go with neck vein pain. Sigh…..you folks who just effortlessly breathe had better appreciate it!


While I was in bed, I took a bunch more hernia pics. It’s back to being huge and it hurts. The rips under the belly hernia are very scary 😦 Looks like I am going to bust open. Yes….depressing 😦

The creeps are out in this nice weather. Some nurse who was visiting here, first parked right smack dab in front of my open window, with the stereo turned up loud. The bass was vibrating my whole apartment. Bass always goes right to my guts. Ugh. He sat there and smoked quite awhile. When he got out of the car, I chewed him out. He acted like he could not care less. I want his address! See how he would like a car parked a few feet from his living room and bedroom, with the people inside polluting his air and making a racket.

THEN, something caught my eye at the next door parking garage. It was someone having sex in their car on the roof. I am at ground level. The people on the second and third floors must have gotten an eyeful. Soon the cops showed up. Lots of making people get out….which took awhile…..talking to the inhabitants….searching through the car, etc. The cop left with a guy. A woman drove the car away. People are much cheekier in nice weather. Ick.

Also…the homeless folks are out in force. They are obviously the “chronically homeless”. Two people on the grass next to the parking garage are there every year. There was a woman closer to the road, by herself. She left behind a whole row of empty 7-11 cups and empty fast food packaging. She probably walked by the trash can as she left. I feel sorry for homeless people. Been there, done that…but there’s no excuse for being a slob.

When I woke up from my nap, my tongue was too swollen to fit in my mouth. Yesterday I bit my tongue while talking. Very tired of the swollen tongue thing!


My tongue stings and hurts and is sore on all sides and on the top. Pffffftttttt…


OK….how about some good stuff? I ate the last of the watermelon when I first woke up. For brunch I made asparagus scramble. Asparagus .44, ham $1, fresh salsa .71, queso fresco .50, 2 hash browns .38, 2 eggs .51 for a total of $3.54.


Supper was 2 tamales $2.49, avocado .50, fresh salsa .71 and sour cream .25 for a total of $3.95. Gosh, way over budget today. I did not add for watermelon or chocolate milk.

The 2 months of supplemental church food helped me get out of the rut of not enough money for food. In 3 days SNAP is due. Good timing! I have one avocado and 2 tomatoes left….and I am hungry for bananas and strawberries.

It’s 74 degrees out and I am rapidly cycling between fever and chills. I am not amused. Today was another gorgeous day 🙂 I love, love, love this weather 🙂 I wish I wasn’t so weak and queasy. I would theoretically like to do something out and about. I have not even opened my apartment door. Tomorrow the forecast is for 60’s and rain, then 3 days of 50’s, then back to 70’s. The rose bushes are all leafed out. Roses soon!